PUBG Trailer Shows Off Update 7.1’s Vikendi Changes

Vikendi returns in PUBG’s 7.1 update, and you can take a look at all the changes in this trailer.

PUBG Corp. removed Vikendi last season for retooling due to some nagging issues. Complaints ranged from poor visibility to a lack of cover in some areas with an overabundance of cover in others. It was all just a little too unbalanced, so PUBG took it back to the drawing board.

And now Vikendi has returned with a fresh look and several brand new features.

First, they’ve toned down the snow in some areas to make it a little easier to spot your opponents. The weather has also been dialed back to just two states: snowing or clear visibility. Dino Park has been replaced by the greatly expanded Dino Land that adds a Ferris wheel, museum, and updated commercial areas and gift shops.

Dino Land completely dominates the map and even influences outer areas thanks to a new public transportation system. There are now 9 trains and 12 stations where players can hop on to be transported to other locales, but keep in mind that these trains are open to everyone and not especially defensible.

Snowbikes and snowmobiles have been removed, but other vehicles have had their spawns adjusted to make up for it. The villages of Tovar and Movatra have also been removed, but there’s a new cargo area with more clear sightlines for close to medium-range firefights.

There’s more too, including a new survivor pass and a new gun: the Mosin-Nagant. Check out PUBG’s site for the full patch notes.

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