Rage 2: BFG Location And How To Get It

No matter what situation you’re going into, you're going to want to biggest gun possible. This started in RAGE and continues into RAGE 2 where the chaos has only gotten worse and the guns have only gotten bigger.

As such, the best thing to do is gather everything that might be useful or dangerous and take it into battle. This is especially the case for weapons, where bigger always means better. Easily the biggest is the BFG 9000, a superweapon made to bring doom unto wherever you point it. Don't pretend you've not heard of this one.

What Is The BFG 9000?

To avoid sounding vulgar, the full name of the weapon can’t be written out but the first and last letters stand for “Big” and “Gun”, respectively. Let's just call it the Big Hecking Gun for now. The 9000 is meant to signify how strong the gun is but the weapon itself is a reference to the weapon of the same name in the Doom series.

It’s widely considered to be the most powerful weapon in both games for one simple reason – it fires explosive laser balls. It doesn’t fire explosives like grenades or rockets and instead skips the middleman to fire an explosion directly in the form of a giant green ball. There are few enemies that withstand a single shot from this weapon.

Adding The Weapon To Your Game

While originally it was planned that the Doom-based BFG 9000 would be included in the base game as a fun novelty for players to enjoy, it was soon changed to a paid add-on. This doesn't come in the form of DLC and instead requires you to buy either the Deluxe or Collector's Edition of RAGE 2.

How To Obtain The BFG 9000

While many games will grant you powerful weapons as a reward for completing difficult tasks or getting incredible achievements, getting this gun is a bit more straightforward thanks to its inclusion in the deluxe version of the game.

  • In order to get this weapon, you need to be free roaming so you’re not locked into any missions or tasks.
  • Once you’re in free roam, you need to make your way to Vineland. After you arrive, look around the outskirts of the area in order to find a large crater.
  • Enter the crater and you’ll find a meteor that's been cracked open. Approach the meteor to find the BFG 9000

Even though it possesses such destructive power that it can destroy almost anything, it’s not the most economic weapon. It can only fire one shot at a time and has no magazine so each shot needs to be loaded individually.

The problem with this is that BFG 9000 weapon ammo is scarce. What is surprising is that a merchant outside of Wellsprings seems to have a monopoly on it. Whenever you need more ammo, just buy it there for around 1000 bucks per shot.

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