Rainbow Six Siege coming to Google Stadia, Xbox xCloud? "We’re looking at it" says Ubisoft

Remy makes a key point here, and for many this is the one big question mark that continues to loom over Stadia, xCloud, and other video game streaming services.

Even when enjoying little to no latency while indulging in our favourite online games we can all admit that, at some point, we’ve blamed lag for a particularly frustrating death or drop in performance.

With Google Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud there’s going to be a natural distrust there among gamers. That they won’t be able to carry the double burden of not only connecting you to a match, but also to a fully fledged, streamable version of the game itself.

Even if these services are more than capable, that lingering thought may be enough for Siege fans to carry on playing an installed version of the game.

We’re hoping to hear more about both Stadia and Xbox xCloud at E3 in a weeks time.

  • Ubisoft

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