Rainbow Six Siege Zofia Dons Her Beret With New Jill Valentine Cosmetic

Resident Evil is now 25 years old, and Capcom is, naturally, celebrating the occasion. Village is about to release, The Division 2 got a wealth of cosmetics celebrating the first four games, and now? Rainbow Six Siege is joining in on the fun as Zofia has some STARS-themed cosmetics to play with.

In a teaser shared by Rainbow Six Siege’s French Twitter account, Zofia can be seen wearing Jill Valentine’s costume from the first game, “[This bundle] includes the STARS set: uniform, headgear, victory animation, weapon, and gadget skins, exclusive pendant.”

With all of these unlocked and equipped, Zofia completes the look, and it costs 1,800 R6 credits in the game store. More is rumored to be coming, but Ubisoft hasn’t officially confirmed this yet. Still, Sledge could make for a mean Tyrant if they want to go down that path.

“Play as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil and be the last survivor,” the tweet reads. Or, you can always watch her in the upcoming film which just announced its title – Welcome to Raccoon City. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then there’s the showcase in April with some “surprises” that Capcom doesn’t want to spoil. It seems as though 2021 is the survival horror giant’s year, and it isn’t slowing down.

In collaboration with Numskull Designs who created ducky Ada and tofu Jill toys to play with or display on your shelf, Capcom also came out with a ton of anniversary-themed merchandise from a STARS cap to an Umbrella light to some fairly slick mug designs. Or, you can rock some Umbrella and STARS shades and play both sides so that you always come out on top, or the bottom, given that you’ll be wearing two pairs of sunglasses at once.

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