Rayman Fans Can Create Their Own 3D Levels In Unreal 5 With This Fan-Made Lumen Engine

Thanks to the early access release of the fan-made Lumens engine, Rayman fans can create their own fan games or levels in Unreal Engine 5 using assets and items from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.

Despite being one of its most critically successful properties, Ubisoft doesn't seem interested in doing anything new with Rayman. This has been made even more apparent on the limbless wonders' 27th birthday, which was barely acknowledged by Ubisoft and certainly wasn't celebrated with any new releases.

Thankfully, members of the Rayman community are doing what Ubisoft won't and working to keep the series going. One of the biggest examples of this came the other day GameJolt modder LightSpeedZX, who shared a video of the Lumens engine in action on their Twitter page, dedicating it to Rayman for his 27th birthday.

The Lumens engine is described as a "template made in Unreal Engine 5" that lets fans create their own levels based on the design of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, including using enemies and items from that game. LightSpeedZX put together a video showcasing the Lumens engine in action and it starts by showcasing an Unreal Engine 5 recreation of Clearleaf Forest, the second level from Hoodlum Havoc.

We then get to see some other levels recreated, such as The Fairy Council, but with Globox playable instead of Rayman. After that, we get to see custom levels made using assets and platforms from Hoodlum Havoc. It's clear even from the brief trailer that the Lumens engine will allow for some incredibly impressive Rayman fangames in Unreal Engine 5, both recreations of levels we already know, and completely original ones.

On the release of the engine, LightSpeedZX said, "Rayman Lumen Engine is a template for those who want to start developing their 3D Rayman fan levels or even full fan games! I decided to release it on Rayman's birthday, so it's still in early access. All you need is basic Unreal Engine 5 knowledge and inspiration".

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