Red Dead Redemption 2: Legendary Alligator Location (& How To Beat Him)

Among the sixteen legendary animals to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2, perhaps none is a bigger headache than the Bull Gator. Not only is he hard to find, for most of the game, this big guy actually can’t be found at all! And he doesn’t exactly warm any hearts with players that he attacks during a significant moment in the campaign.

So if you’re reading this, you’re not the quitting kind, are you? No, you’re a finish the job kind. Live and let live is a great motto, but not for swamp monsters that are ripping apart human beings left and right. So let’s figure out what it takes to hunt this guy down, where he is, WHEN he is, and what you can do with him afterward in just a few easy steps.

Complete “That’s Murfree Country” First

The Bull Gator makes a powerful cameo appearance before this mission, but he does not spawn in the open world until after completing this one.

It’s an unmissable and unforgettable event with Charles and you’ll end up having Arthur rescue a kidnapped girl. If all that sounds familiar, then it’s alligator hunting time.

Head To The Swamp

Get back south to the Lagras Swamp in Lemoyne where you first encountered the monster. If you haven’t caught the legendary gar yet, you can make this stop a two-for-one as he’s just north of the east bank.

Find The Clues

Remember that, like the other legendary animals, his three clues must be gathered before he actually spawns. So watch out for other alligators, but don’t worry about him… yet…

  • The first clue is west of the pictured location on the map, just off of the trail facing the Lagras Swamp.
  • Use tracker mode to spot two broken sticks in the mud.

  • The trail leads directly south, parallel to the trail once again (proving the Bull Gator isn’t afraid of the local traffic).
  • You’re looking for a half-eaten bird carcass at the base of a large tree.

  • Keep going south, still right alongside the trail to find the third and final clue before it’s showtime.
  • At the base of another tree, spot a second bird carcass (safe to say the Bull Gator is in a snacky mood).

  • The tracks finally head east, toward the location of the map illustration. Follow them and get ready.
  • Unlike most other animals, the footsteps of the Bull Gator are profound and easily visible outside of tracker mode, so you can turn it off in preparation for the fight.

Kill The Bull Gator

The Bull Gator is easily visible almost immediately after spotting the final clue, just behind a couple of broken tree trunks.

Some tips for fighting him:

  • Legendary pelts can’t be ruined. If you want to tie a stick of dynamite to an arrow and blow him up, that’s much better than becoming gator chow.
  • Repeaters are excellent against him. Go into Dead Eye and empty an entire clip on him (he takes more bullets than you think).
  • A shotgun with slug ammo is also a valid alternative.

Cash In On The Trophy

You did the work, now get rewarded!

  • The game does NOT officially register that the animal has been killed until he is skinned. Make absolutely sure to skin him after killing him.
  • Sell the skin to the trapper for a cool $50.
  • If you’re wanting the Death Roll garment set, it will be available from the same trapper after selling him this skin.
  • The fence will also have the Alligator Tooth Talisman available, which decreases the speed of Dead Eye energy drain by 10%.

Congratulations and good hunting out there!

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