Relatable Things Every Player Does In Stardew Valley

There is so much to see and do in the wonderful farming life sim, Stardew Valley. From mining and romancing to farming and fishing, players with this plethora of content will likely never grow bored. It is one of the best games to pop on and snuggle under the covers with. However, while everyone engages with the same content, many players will likely approach it in all manner of ways. Choosing who to romance, which crops to grow, how to lay out your farm, or even whether or not to play with a friend are individual decisions that may be entirely unique to your playthrough.

Everyone will make their own independent choices that can drastically alter your playthrough, but it is surprising how many experiences players seem to share. Whether it's solidarity in weeping at a somber tale or pursuing the same romantic option because of their whimsical personality, there are many things players seem to share with one another.

6 Cry At Shane's Background Story

Every NPC in Stardew Valley, regardless of whether or not you can romance them, is incredibly interesting. They all have their own baggage, a lot of which they hide beneath the surface, and only show to the player once they’ve gotten to know them a little bit better. Through heart events, you can get snippets of information about certain characters’ pasts and therefore grow closer as a result. Unfortunately, a lot of these backstories tend to be intensely sad, the most notable of which is Shane’s.

Shane is often very aloof or even rude towards the player, wishing to have very little to do with them when they first start out. However, through incessant gift-giving and simply warming up to him, you can slowly unravel the truth behind his standoffish demeanor. You’ll learn about his drinking problem, his depression, and the way his life seems to be spiraling out of control. Fortunately, you can be there for him, and his situation can improve. Shane is easily one of the more nuanced characters, and it's practically impossible not to shed a tear when learning about his past.

5 Marry Abigail

There are so many romanceable characters in Stardew Valley that it can be hard to know who to go for. While, of course, certain players will be drawn towards certain personalities, there are also the gifts those characters give you once you marry them to take into consideration. Most characters have their pros and cons, usually being initially unlikeable but over time growing to like the player. However, by far the most commonly romanced character is Abigail.

First and foremost, Abigail is one of the easiest characters to romance. Based solely on Stardew Valley’s odd system of making people fall in love with you simply by showering them with constant gifts, Abigail’s requirements are relatively easy to fulfill. She also gives out the most practical and desirable gifts once married which, for strictly functional purposes, makes her more useful. However, on a more personal level, Abigail has one of the best personalities in the game. She is a rebellious gamer, oftentimes seeming aloof or distant, but eventually opening up to the player in meaningful ways. It is no surprise then that most players seem to fall head over heels the moment they start the game.

4 Mine Until You Pass Out

One of the elements that make Stardew Valley so addicting is its stamina meter. This ostensibly ensures that you can’t breeze through each and every activity in one day, allowing for the “just one more day” mentality to rise. Your stamina will slowly deplete the more you pursue an activity, and should it run out completely you’ll fall unconscious. There is nowhere more inconvenient for this to happen than in the mines. However, players are usually hellbent on ensuring that very thing happens.

As the mine is split into floors, it is easy to fall into a pattern of trying to get as far down it as you can. Breaking boulders for new gems to gift to NPCs, fighting monsters to ensure you don’t lose too much health, and simply exploring the dark caves is a lot of fun. However, players will often push it too far and pass out before they have time to escape. You’ll, fortunately, be pulled out of there before the creatures can get you, but if you can avoid making it a habit, that would probably be for the best.

3 Forget To Stock Up On Seasonal Crops

One of the core elements of Stardew Valley is growing crops on your farm. While the many other life sim elements likely distract players for a hefty amount of time, it is the farming and maintenance of your farm that is the most enjoyable. Fortunately, to keep it from going stale, Stardew Valley introduces new crops depending on the season. Once a season changes, you won’t be able to grow the previous one’s crops and will have to wait a whole year to get them again.

This can have seriously drastic consequences, especially if you’re trying to romance a certain character or get another’s backstory. As most people require either a specific crop or a meal that uses said crop as a gift to boost their affection for you, you might lock yourself out of easy ways to access those gifts. It’s easy to completely miss this, especially during your first year as a newcomer to Stardew Valley. Fortunately, you’ll remember next time and will horde seasonal items like there’s no tomorrow.

2 Immediately Start Again After Beating It

One of the best pieces of praise you can give a game is being jealous of those who get to experience it for the first time. The feeling of wanting to go back to the very moment you hit play and experience the overwhelming sense of beauty emanating from a truly phenomenal piece of art is simply unprecedented. Stardew Valley absolutely falls into the category, and it's surely guaranteed that anyone who even remotely enjoys Stardew Valley will long for that initial burst of magic.

This is why everyone, the moment they beat the game, starts over again. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who owns Stardew Valley who doesn’t have a farm on the side they go to every now and then. In between bouts of playing the latest mundane triple-A experience, practically everyone will head back to their relaxing, peaceful farm, mingle with some friends, and do a spot of mining before returning to reality. Stardew Valley is easily a game you can play over and over again and never tire of its majesty.

1 Stop To Smell The Cow Manure

Stardew Valley is an incredibly easy game to fall in love with. Its gorgeous visuals, laidback atmosphere, plethora of content, and great writing will see you swooning with affection for this indie gem and makes it one of the best sandbox RPG games to escape reality in. However, perhaps the most compelling aspect of Stardew Valley that is likely to reel players in is its relaxing soundtrack.

Without a shadow of a doubt, each and every player has taken a minute to pause, smell the roses, and let the fantastic soundtrack softly play in the background. There is nothing more relaxing than waking up after a hard day of mining, farming, and foraging, stepping out onto your front porch, and listening to the utterly wonderful music as the sun rises. Taking a moment to soak it all in, cow manure and all is one of the best things you can do in Stardew Valley.

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