Resident Evil 3: How To Escape The Sewers

While trying to escape Raccoon City in the Resident Evil 3 Remake, players need to briefly cut through the Sewers. Resident Evil 2 extensively featured the Raccoon City Sewer System, suggesting Resident Evil 3 would do the same, but Jill’s time down below is mercifully short – if still a bit tense thanks to the introduction of new enemies. Resident Evil 3’s Sewers are claustrophobic and dangerous if you don’t take the time to carefully turn corners.

Navigating the Sewers can also feel like a challenge for players who don’t immediately understand what to do or how to get out. Raccoon City was fairly non-linear, but Resident Evil 3 uses the Sewers as an opportunity to serve up railroaded level design framed around a central puzzle. Getting out of the Sewers in Resident Evil 3 requires smart use of the Battery to unlock doors (especially for anyone who wants an extra Hip Pouch for their troubles).

Into The Wastes

Jill traps herself in the Sewers as a means to keep Nemesis’ attention away from Carlos and the rest of the survivors. Resident Evil 3’s Sewers aren’t all that spacious, however, and the path forward is fairly linear. From the locked room, grab the Sewer Map off the wall, save at the Typewriter, and exit the Manager’s Office. The rest of the floor will be inaccessible for now, so drop down into the Sewers below.

There aren’t any zombies down here, but Jill will start running into a brand new type of enemy past the fork. Keep left and a Hunter Gamma will slide out of the tunnel up ahead ready to attack Jill. Hunter Gammas can swallow Jill whole and tank quite a bit of damage, but they can be put down reliably by shooting their inner mouth.

Simply wait for a Hunter Gamma to open wide and pump them with the Shotgun. Once the Hunter Gamma has been killed, push through the rest of the path and climb the ladder to reach the Office. Inside, grab the Grenade Launcher, rearrange your inventory, and save at the Typewriter.

To The Battery Pack

From here, Jill will need to find a Battery Pack to help her bypass the Sewers’ locked doors. Exit the Office and head back into the tunnels below. Take a left at the fork into the Central Tunnel and whip out your handy new Grenade Launcher. A Hunter Gamma will turn the corner ready to attack, so make sure to shoot it right in the mouth.

After killing the Hunter Gamma, hook right into the Northwest Tunnel to find some Shotgun ammo and Gunpowder. Now grab the Flame Rounds off to the side and climb the ladder up into the Laboratory. Inside, Jill will find a Green Herb, Gunpowder, High-Grade Gunpowder, Explosive A, and the Battery Pack.

Clearing Out Hunter Gammas

Now that Jill’s picked up the Battery Pack, new Hunter Gammas will have spawned inside of the Sewers. Leave the Laboratory and follow the path right up to the Central Tunnel where a Hunter Gamma will slip out of the pipes. Keep your distance and only fire when the Hunter Gamma’s mouth is over. Once it’s dead, either cut to the Office or save or keep on the path.

Yet another Hunter Gamma will ambush Jill as she’s making her way back down the East Tunnel. As before, only attack when the Hunter Gamma’s weak point is exposed. If you’re low on ammo, there’s a Grenade to the side that can be used for a quick kill (but is best saved for bosses/Nemesis). Climb up the nearby ladder and run up the Circular Stairs.

Place the Battery Pack into its slot by the door to unlock your way into the Upper Access area. A Hunter Gamma will leap from down below ready to attack Jill, so be quick to fire at its mouth when it strikes. With the last Hunter Gamma killed, you’re now free to explore the rest of the Sewers in safety.

The Way Out

Before Jill can progress, she needs the Battery Pack back. Unlock the gated door that leads back into the Circular Stairway and grab the Battery Pack from its slot. Cut through the shortcut you just opened and place the Battery Pack into its slot by the Security Room door. Inside, Jill can find an Explosive A, Gunpowder, and a Hip Pouch to increase her inventory size.

Exit the Security Room and make sure to grab the Battery Pack. Kick down the ladder in the corner of the room to create a shortcut between Upper Access and the Sewers’ starting area. Down below, Jill can use the Battery Pack to unlock the Exit Tunnel. Carlos and Jill will have a brief conversation as she walks through the tunnel – the ladder back to Raccoon City situated at the very end.

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