Resident Evil Village DLC Is Confirmed In Development

Today, Capcom revealed that a DLC expansion is coming for Resident Evil Village.

Capcom’s inaugural E3 showcase offered a wide range of updates for new and upcoming games, including Monster Hunter Rise, Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and Pragmata. Luckily for Resident Evil fans, we got a lot of new information about upcoming titles Resident Evil 4 VR, Resident Evil Re:Verse, and an new expansion pack for Resident Evil Village.

No details were provided about the DLC, but Capcom did say that development has just begun, so it may be some time before we actually see the DLC.

Resident Evil Village released on April 18 to nearly universal acclaim. The sequel to Resident Evil 7 concluded the story of Ethan Winters in spectacular fashion. The new DLC follows a trend established in RE7 by stepping away from the main character to focus on important side plots not seen during the main campaign. the End of Zoe expansion showed us what happened to Zoe Baker after Ethan (canonically) gave Mia the antidote. The Not a Hero DLC featured Chris Redfield on his infiltration of the Baker property and gave us our first taste of the more action-focused gameplay we eventually got in Resident Evil Village.

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