Resident Evil Village Is Getting A Free Accessibility Update

Resident Evil Village is finally getting more accessibility options with a free update that will roll out alongside the Shadows of Rose DLC and Gold Edition that launch in October.

Capcom revealed the update via the official Resident Evil Twitter account which detailed all of the accessibility options coming soon to Resident Evil Village. A big one for most will be the subtitle options as players will soon be able to change the size, color, and background making them much easier to read. Village was widely criticized for its sub-par subtitles when it first launched, but this update finally addresses concerns.

In addition to the subtitle options, Capcom also announced that the subtitles will now display who's speaking during cutscenes in Story Mode, closed captioning, and a permanent reticle. All of these improvements will be given out freely as an update for everyone that owns Resident Evil Village and will drop at the same time as the Shadows of Rose DLC on October 28.

In case you missed the initial announcement, Shadows of Rose is a new piece of story DLC for Resident Evil Village that takes place years after the events of the main game. You play as Ethan's daughter Rose who is struggling with her powers and enters the consciousness of the Megamycete to try and break free from them. Unlike the base game, Shadows of Rose has to be played in third-person.

On the same date, Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition will also launch and includes a third-person option for Ethan's story, the aforementioned Shadows of Rose DLC, and a Mercenaries mode that allows players to take on the role of villains Heisenburg and Lady Dimitrescu.

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