Rhythm Games Ranked By Whether Or Not They Feature Britney Spears

When considering the vast array of rhythm games that have been released over the years, there are many ways to judge their merits. Sure, some have inventive, unique gameplay hooks, while others combine graphics and sound in a way that feels like you're transported to another dimension. Many even feature innovative controls and help you burn a few calories.

However, no matter which of these features are present in a game, none of them are as important as one simple criteria: do they feature Britney Spears on the soundtrack?

6 Guitar Hero

The most iconic rhythm game of the 2000s? Responsible for encouraging countless youngsters to learn about music? The reason that so many gamers have plastic guitars languishing in the back of their closets?

Guitar Hero is all of these things and more. But yet Guitar Hero does not feature a single song by Britney Spears. Trash!

Editors Note: The game appears to be as trashy as Activision itself.

5 Rez

Critically-acclaimed classic, beloved visual feast, banging soundtrack, yadda yadda yadda.

Rez doesn't include any songs by Britney Spears. Trash!

4 Frequency

Okay, yeah, Harmonix's debut game put them on the map and introduced players to their trademark auto-scrolling rhythm game style.

The game features solid turn-of-the-century dance, hip-hop, and pop tracks from the likes of No Doubt, The Crystal Method, and Orbital. But it doesn't include any songs by Britney Spears. Trash!

3 Beat Saber

My friend has a VR headset that she uses exclusively to play Beat Saber. She let me try it out a couple of times, and while I did punch a hole through her TV by mistake, the game was a lot of fun. (If you're reading this, I'm still sorry.)

But despite recent expansions that have included songs by popular artists like Lady Gaga and BTS, there are still no songs by Britney Spears in Beat Saber. Do I even need to say it? I will anyway: Trash!

2 Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2

The long-running Dance Dance Revolution series is famous for its inclusion of J-pop and techno classics. Meh. The best game in the series is obviously 2007's SuperNova 2. This installment added some fun new features like the ability to slow songs down or new Brake and Wave arrows, which brought new wrinkles to the gameplay.

However, the real reason why this game is such a revered classic is its inclusion of Britney Spears' "And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix)," a rare remix of an unreleased track. Gamers everywhere were crying out for Konami to recognize the pop princess herself – seriously, it was loud, there was a lot of crying – and in 2007 they finally granted our wishes. Not Trash!

1 Britney's Dance Beat

Dance Dance Revolution might be more well-known or intuitive or whatever, but Britney's Dance Beat has it Britney Dance Beaten where it counts: by featuring the princess of pop herself. The game was released in 2002, and puts you in the role of an aspiring backup dancer. You have to dance to a whopping five different songs in order to impress Brit herself and win a spot on her tour.

Which, honestly, seems pretty chill. Most people would literally kill in order to get such an incredible opportunity… uh, I mean, not literally. If any law enforcement personel are reading this, I would never commit murder to hang out with Britney, honest.

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