Riot Takes On League of Legends Champion Select Screen In Next “Client Cleanup” Project

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, has been on a crusade to optimize their flagship game this summer, and their next target is the Champion selection screen.

The developers promised that they would be sharing bi-monthly updates on the behind-the-scenes work they are doing with League of Legends. This work is centered on optimizing the user experience and making the game run as smoothly as possible. The latest update tells us that they were able to get load times down to 18 seconds for even some of the worst machines running the game.

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Within that same blog post, we’ve learned what Riot is doing with the surveys that some of you have been kind enough to fill out. Based on player feedback, the thing that is far and away the most frustrating for you is the inability to pick or ban during the champion select screen. Back in February, the company said that they would be working to make the user experience and interface more responsive in the champion select screen. However, they are now changing tracks a little bit.

Riot will still be working toward making the champion selection screen more responsive, but they will also be looking at potentially changing the entire experience. The claim is that they will be working with their design team to see if they can streamline or remove, “low-value, poor-performing animations and resource-intensive components,” as they put it. Of course, they’ll also be working on smoothing out bugs and will prioritize based on those which cause the, “most pain.”

Getting this kind of look at how the company is handling player feedback is both interesting and insightful. It feels as if they are trying to involve players in the process as much as possible and to make you a true part of the process—which is obviously a good thing.  Based on their results so far, it’s looking like the user experience for the champion select screen is going to vastly improve over the next few months. We don’t know about you, but we’re weirdly excited to see what they will be able to accomplish with the rest of the year.

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