Roblox: Pixel Piece – How To Get All Special Abilities

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If you're a One Piece fan and like playing action games, Roblox Pixel Piece can be a great pick. The game integrates the giant blue sea and the pirate world from the anime, and you get to fight many familiar enemies. In the beginning, you'll start as a fighter with your punches as the only source of damage.

As you explore the world and get stronger, you'll be able to acquire many special abilities that can help you both in and out of battle. Mobility is one of the most important aspects of the game, and some of these abilities resolve this issue as well.

How To Get Sky Walk (Geppo)

Sky Walk doesn't give you any extra damage, but this skill is the most important even though combat is the main part of Pixel Piece. This skill allows you to constantly jump even while you're in midair. Using Geppo in the air will cause a white ring effect below your feet, and it will also consume some stamina.

Every time you jump midair, three stamina will be consumed, which is displayed as the blue bar near your health. You can easily run out of stamina with this skill if you don't have the stat leveled up.

If you want to use Sky Walk to get to another island, it's important to upgrade this stat.

To unlock this ability, the first thing you need is 800 Beli. You'll be thankful for Sky Walk as soon as you can get it, but it can be quite hard to earn Beli if you've just started playing. The developers give out a bunch of codes that can give you a Beli boost or extra Beli to spend.

Once you have the required money, head over to Syrup Island. The minimum level required to get quests on this island is 70, but you can sail or fly to it at any point. Here's the direction you should sail in to get to this island based on your location:

  • A little to the right of Southeast if you're on Pixel Island, which is the island you spawn in for the first time.
  • East-Southeast if you're on Shells Island. Alternatively, you can head East until you reach Baratie and then head southeast.
  • East-Northeast from Orange Town and Vaill Island.
  • Northeast from Central Port
  • North-Northeast from Shark Park

After you've reached Syrup Island, you'll see a slope leading you to the main island near the port. Follow the slope to the top and turn right as soon as it ends. Keep going straight and you'll find an NPC called Aninha sitting on the edge of a building. You can get Geppo by talking to them.

How To Get One Sword Style

When it comes to combat, a sword is a go-to choice for some of the players in Pixel Piece since Pixel Fruits are quite hard to acquire. Through the course of the game, you can get many swords, and some of them also come with their own skills. One Sword Style is for some of the swords that don't have any skills.

When you unlock One Sword Style (Phoenix Style), your sword will get its own skills if you have one of these swords: Classic Katana, Classic Cutlass, Katana, or Shark Sword. Here's what the skills of this style can give you:

Pound Hou

This ability throws out a projectile that deals damage to enemies and players on its path. This projectile goes in a straight line.

Dragon Slash

Upon activating this ability, your character will dash at the aimed location with lightning speed, dealing damage to enemies on the way.

Cyclone Phoenix

With this ability, your character stomps the ground that deals damage in an area, and knocks up the enemies.

Dragon Blaze

This ability launches a dragon that attacks the desired area and deals heavy damage to the enemies.

Apart from Pound Hou, you need to unlock the rest of the skills by reaching a certain mastery. You can get mastery by defeating enemies using the sword.

To get One Sword Style, you have to be on Syrup Island once again. Instead of going up the slope, head to the left side of the island where you'll find a tree in the middle of two rock structures, as shown above. Once you reach this area, you'll see a cave when you look to your right. An NPC called Fury will give you One Sword Style for 2,400 Beli.

How To Get Haki

Haki can be one of the most useful skills when it comes to combat in Pixel Piece, especially when you're fighting against other players. This ability gives a special effect to your arms if you're in melee stance, and your sword if you're on your weapon when you press the required button.

When you have Haki activated, it gives you extra damage and the ability to hit Logia users without the need to attack them with fruit. You will deal your normal damage to these users and the bonus damage provided by the ability. The damage buff depends on the version of Haki you're on.

Logia is a special effect granted to players if they have a certain fruit. This effect prevents them from taking damage from normal mobs and other players without Haki.

To get this ability, you need to get to Vaill Island, but it's useless to try to get it if you've just started playing. Firstly, you'll have to reserve 5,000 Beli to get the quest for this ability. Once you have the money, you can head in the following direction to find the island:

  • Head South from Pixel Island until you reach Baratie, and then head in the Southwest direction.
  • Head South from Shells Town.
  • You'll find the island close to the West of Orange Town.
  • Head in the West-Southwest direction from Syrup Island.
  • From Shark Park, head west until you reach Central Port, and then go northwest.

On Vaill Island, you'll find an NPC called Next sitting outside a giant door. He'll give you the Haki quest for 5,000 Beli where you'll need to defeat the Ancient Gorilla three times. This is the hardest boss in the game, and you can only fight it at nighttime. You can find the boss by teleporting through the giant door.

There are three versions of Haki, and you get the first version after finishing the quest. You have to get to 50,000 and 100,000 Mastery with it to get to versions two and three respectively. Each version increases the bonus damage from the ability.

How To Get Black Leg

Black Leg is another fighting style that can be acquired from the NPC called Sandro for 2,500 Beli. When you get this style, your normal attacks will change to kicks instead of punches. Moreover, you'll get some extra abilities that will do the following:


Your character will perform a kick spin that will trip the enemies close to you, stunning them briefly.


This ability makes your character fly in the air and quickly smash the ground, dealing damage in a large area.


The character flips in the air and smashes the designated spot, dealing damage in a small area.

Parage Shoot

Upon activating this ability, your character jumps in the air and unleashes a flurry of kicks that constantly deal damage to the enemies it hits.

Party Table Kicks

Your character will stand on its hands and spin constantly, dealing damage to the surrounding enemies.

Keep in mind that you can only have one fighting style at a time. For example, if you have One Sword Style while buying this one, you'll lose that style. You'll have to get the style again with the required Beli, but your Mastery will be saved.

You can find Sandro on Baratie island, which can be found while sailing in these directions:

  • Head straight South from Pixel Island.
  • Head East from Shells Town.
  • You can sail North from Orange Town, the island will be to your left.
  • Sail in the Northwest direction from Syrup Island.
  • Head in the North-Northwest direction from Shark Park.

Once you're on the island, you'll find the opening that will lead you into the building on the right side. Sandro will be standing right in front of you.

How To Reset Fruit And Stats

When you start playing the game, you get three stat points every time you level up. If you just started playing, you might not know where to put your stats properly. This leads to scenarios where you've wasted a lot of stat points and you need a reset. On the other hand, you need a Fruit Reset if you want to eat another fruit.

Both of these can be found on Central Port island. You can purchase the stat and fruit resets for 2,000 and 1,500 Beli respectively by talking to their respective NPCs. These NPCs are located on the wooden path to the right side of the island. Central Port is the southernmost island in the game.

Finally, you can also reset your current Fighting Style by talking to the NPC in the tavern on Pixel Island. Although, you don't need to reset your fighting style if you want to buy a different one. You can simply purchase it from the required NPC and it will replace your existing style automatically.

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