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When you load into Roblox Pixel Piece for the first time, you'll be a weak character with your hands as the only weapon. You can sail to any island in the game at the very start, which can make it quite overwhelming when you encounter higher-level enemies. It takes quite some time to grind out the levels in the game.

Every island has a recommended level before you try to fight enemies in the area. This is because the quests on the island can only be taken after you've reached the required level, and you don't get a lot even after defeating the hard enemies without a quest.

Farm On The Correct Island

Since it's a game about One Piece, the giant blue sea of Pixel Piece has many different islands. These islands have different mobs that can be defeated for a small amount of EXP and Mastery for your weapon, fruit, or fighting style. Although, the main source of EXP to level up comes from the quests.

Each set of mobs or bosses in these islands has a dedicated quest giver, and you get a lot of extra EXP and Beli if you defeat these mobs with the quest. You won't get any Beli from defeating the mobs themselves. You have to be at a certain level to take quests from these NPCs, and the level required is highlighted above their name.

Whenever you're moving to the next island, make sure that you use the parrot shown in the picture above to set your spawn to that island. If you fail to do this, you'll spawn back at a different island if your HP reaches zero. This is particularly important if you're going to fight a boss.

The mob quests can have you defeating four to eight mobs of a certain type, while the boss quest needs you to fight the respective boss once. These boss quests give a high amount of EXP and Beli, but there is a long time before the boss respawns after being defeated. Here's a general guide to each island in the game:

Pixel Island

This is the first island in Pixel Piece where you'll spawn when you start the game for the first time. In this area, you can enter the Tavern right behind the spawn setting parrot to find an NPC who'll take you through the tutorial on the right side in case you skipped it when you started playing.

On the left side, there'll be an NPC who will reset your fighting style for 50 Beli if you have one. If you don't have a fighting style, this NPC will ask you to leave them alone.

To the left of this Tavern, you'll find a building with the Store sign on it, and you can buy the basic weapon and boat here for little Beli. Although, you have to level up a little before you think of leaving this island. Deeper into the island, you'll find an NPC called Gabi who will give you the first quest.

In this quest, you'll have to defeat a few Bandits to get the reward. Upon reaching level ten, you can talk to Sophia and take the quest to defeat the Bandit Boss in the corner of this island. As mentioned above, this boss has a long respawn timer after being defeated, and you might have to form a party with other players to have an easier time.

Shells Town

After reaching level 15, you can take to the seas to find your next location. Head in the Southwest direction to find Shells Town. The islands in Pixel Piece are very far apart, and you won't be able to see Shells Town from Pixel Island itself. Hence, it's important to sail in the correct direction.

All the ships that you can get without spending real money are quite slow as well. You'll have to sail for a long time to reach Shells Town on the boat you buy in Pixel Island Store, so don't forget to set your spawn when you reach there.

This second island is covered with Sailors who are terrorizing the area. When you head into the island from the port, you'll find a bunch of enemies called Sailor. The NPC named Furnton will give you the quest to defeat these enemies, and they'll be present on the right side. You have to reach level 15 to take this quest.

Upon reaching level 30, you can head deeper into the island to find Namtar with a quest to defeat Swordsman Sailor in an elevated area. While these enemies have higher health than the Sailors, what makes them more dangerous is that their swords allow them to attack you from a higher distance.

In this area, you'll also find some Swordsman Sailor Guards. These enemies don't have a quest, but you have a chance to get a Marine Hat upon defeating them.

Finally, you can fight the Norgan boss at level 45 by taking the quest from Ranabana. This boss is located on the far back side of the island, and you will struggle a lot while fighting him. Apart from the normal stun-locking attack, he also has two special attacks that can be performed even when he's stunned by your attacks.

The first attack is where he spins for a few seconds, dealing constant damage to all the surrounding players. On the other hand, he stomps the ground in his second special attack, stunning the players in an area.

Orange Town

While you need level 45 to fight Norgan in Shells Town, you can already get to the third island after getting level 35. This island is known as Orange Town, and you can get to it by sailing in the South-Southeast direction from Shells Town. You can see your current direction on a scale at the top.

The basic mobs on this island are known as Clown Pirates, and they're scattered all over the place. You can take the quest to fight them from Laft situated in the middle right area. After reaching level 50, you can fight Kabaji, the first boss in Orange Town. The quest giver for this boss is located on the left side as soon as you enter the island.

Finally, you can fight boss Puggy in the middle of the island after taking the quest from Olivia at level 60. After taking the quest, use the door of the building to teleport to the most annoying fight in the game. Puggy doesn't take any damage from Swords, so you have to use fruit or melee to defeat him.

Syrup Island

Syrup Island is the largest island in Pixel Piece, and you can reach it by traveling North-Northeast from Orange Town upon reaching level 70. You will be able to spot the giant trees of this island from far away. Here, you'll find the Nuro Bandits on the left side, and Karlo will give you their quest. You can easily defeat these enemies with a sword or fruit.

On reaching level 85, you can take the quest to fight Strong Nuro Bandits from Tony on the right side. You'll have to defeat a high number of these enemies to finish the quest, and they can be quite hard to fight because of their range. Finally, you can fight boss Nuro at level 110.

This boss is located outside the main building at the back side of Syrup Island, and he's the easiest boss to fight. Nuro doesn't have any special abilities in his pocket except speed. After pushing him back with your sword combo, he'll come charging back at you quickly.

Shark Park

You need a minimum of 110 levels to start getting the quests on Shark Park, and you can travel toward the dot to the right of the South direction from Syrup Island. This island will have Arling Bandits on the right side, and James will give you their quest. These enemies give quite a lot of Mastery for your weapon, fruit, or fighting style.

After reaching level 145, you can take the quest to fight Strong Arling Bandits on the left side of this island from Peixe. This NPC is located under a cyan-colored building near these enemies. Although, Syrup Island is the best island to farm your level since you can fight Nuro every few minutes to get a ton of gold.

Keep A Look-Out For Codes

Just like every other Roblox game, the developers of Pixel Piece hand out a ton of codes whenever a certain milestone is reached, or if there's a new update. These codes can be claimed in the game to get different rewards including Beli, drop boost, stat reset, double EXP, and free race spins.

To redeem the code, head over to the main menu of the game where you'll find the Settings tab symbolized by a Cogwheel. In the Settings screen, you can paste the code at the bottom and click redeem. The game gives you three stat points whenever you level up, and you can use them to upgrade your Stamina, Defense, Melee, Sword, or Fruit.

It's recommended to put most of your points into one of the Melee, Sword, or Fruit depending on your play style.

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