Rogue Company: A Complete Guide To Dima

Dima is one of the Rogues who you can choose to use in Rogue Company, and a bonus is that he is also free. He is known as a breacher, as his character is best suited for breaking down an opponent’s defenses to clear a path for his team. The combination of his perks and loadout makes him arguably one of the best Rogues in the entire game, as he is often fought over by teammates.

Beginners often find early success when using Dima, but there are so many ways that they could be even better. Once they learn how to use their abilities the right way and buy certain items at the shop, then they will become unstoppable with Dima in Rogue Company!



  • KA30 (Assault Rifle)
  • Mamba (DMR)


  • Executioner (Pistol)


  • Throwing Axe


  • EMP Grenade: stops opponents from using their abilities or gadgets for a short period of time
  • Grenade: creates an explosion that can down enemies


  • Shredder Rounds: carry more ammunition for your weapon and deal extra damage to equipment
  • Berserker: able to reload while sprinting
  • Nimble Hands: weapon swap and reload speed are increased
  • Bounce Back: reduced health regeneration delay
  • Replenish: upon downing an enemy, your weapon will be reloaded and ammo replenished
  • Life Drain: if you down an enemy then your health regeneration will significantly increase for a short time

What To Buy First In The Shop

Your first focus should be to pick up a primary weapon and then upgrade it as much as you can. The perks called Nimble Hands and Bounce back will give you a greater chance to down enemies, while Life Drain and Replenish are great for extending a killing spree.

It is also recommended you pick up grenades in the early rounds as it will allow you to finish off downed opponents so you don’t have to push them yourself.


  • Active: Shoot a cluster grenade
  • Passive: If you hit an enemy with an explosive, they are revealed for a short time

How To Use Them

His weapons and abilities are best for mid-range fights, however, his cluster grenade can deal damage to teammates. The best way to utilize them is to shoot them out in front of your team to clear a path for them to push an opponent or to halt an enemy’s advance.

You want to use it when your team is already applying pressure, rather than taking a random shot that may, or may not, deal any damage. Patience is key in the various game modes as you want to hit an opponent with it in order to reveal them to your team so it can serve as a radar for them, but make sure not to push a downed enemy as it could lead to your death.

Counters Against Them

The biggest weakness of this free Rogue is that Dima’s cluster grenades are not extremely accurate, and they can even hurt your teammates. He also is basically useless as a breacher if he is hacked or hit by an EMP grenade, as his ability is what makes him so desirable.

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