RuneScape Finally Adds Rex Matriarchs, Offering Double XP During Combat Week

After being delayed due to login server issues, Rex Matriarchs are now available in RuneScape. The arrival of these powerful dinosaurs in Anachronia also marks the start of Combat Week – which provides you with various XP boosts to combat-based activities.

Rex Matriarchs are a pack of three respawning bosses. Jagex said each one has different strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll need to alter your playstyle accordingly if you hope to walk away victorious. Taking down the Rex Matriarchs will net you “powerful rewards to boost your Combat playstyle,” including Laniakea’s Spear – a T90 damage / T75 accuracy weapon that grants 5% bonus poison damage and an additional 5% chance to apply poison when used.

In order to claim Laniakea’s Spear, however, you’ll need to defeat the Rex Matriarchs and collect all four pieces of the spear. Once collected, you’ll then be able to assemble them into a usable weapon. Here’s what you’ll need to be on the lookout for:

  • Savage spear shaft
  • Savage spear tip
  • Savage spear cap
  • Savage plume

Beyond Laniakea’s Spear, rewards include Hearts – gemstones that can be combined with your current jewelry to create new effects. Varieties include Heart of the Archer, Heart of the Seer, Heart of the Warrior, and Heart of the Berserker, each one conferring different benefits to your equipment.

There’s also the chance to walk away with three different boss pets – Corbi, Pavo, and Bagra.

As for the deadly beasts themselves, Jagex provided a bit of insight into how each Rex Matriarch likes to fight:

  • Orikalka: Typically uses melee-based attacks, although she has a “few tricks up her sleeve.”
  • Pthentraken: Uses Magic to attack enemies, specializing in shock abilities.
  • Rathis: Uses Ranged attacks that are also toxic – make sure to stock up on anti-poison potions before going into battle.

Rex Matriarchs weren’t the only addition to RuneScape, as today also marks the start of Combat Week. This will provide you with double Reaper, Slayer, and Combat XP, while also removing reclaim costs on death. There are several other perks to take advantage of – all of which are listed in the official RuneScape patch notes.

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