Sairento Untethered Dev Working on Upgrades Including Possible Multiplayer Co-op

At the end of June, developer Mixed Realms released an Oculus Quest version of Sairento VR, called Sairento Untethered. A cut back version of the PC and PlayStation VR original, Sairento Untethered still managed to retain the same gameplay characteristics but with less content. Now, the team has revealed plans to update the experience, adding visual upgrades as well as seeing if multiplayer co-op can be implemented. 

Over on the Oculus Quest sub-Reddit, Mixed Realms detailed what updates are being worked on and those that are planned. Currently, it looks as though the maps are going to get visual improvements, while issues reported by players such as unnatural weapon angles and game pausing are going to be addressed in a patch which could be appearing in a couple of weeks.

As for other improvements the studio plans to patch in over the next few months, these include:

  • “Addition of height calibration for better sliding experience”
  • “Further optimization of the gameplay to provide a better challenge”
  • “New game mode(s)”
  • “Other cool stuff and features that are possible to accomplish with the Quest”

Then there are the features Mixed Realms is looking into but isn’t making any promises on, namely multiplayer co-op and more maps. It seems as though the former is keenly sought by players, with the studio saying: “Many of you have been asking if we can incorporate Multiplayer Coop. We are not quite sure if we would be able to do it yet, so no promises here. But we are certainly trying to figure it out. You will be sure to hear it the moment we have an answer.”

When it comes to more maps, the original Sairento VR had 13, while Sairento Untethered has five maps, simply due to the processing power of Oculus Quest. It looks like more could be squeezed into the experience as the team state: “Lastly, we can confirm that after some testing, we are confident that we will be able to add more maps to the game.”

So Sairento Untethered fans will be seeing regular improvements rolling out this summer. As patches are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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