Sega Announces Start Of New Virtua Fighter Esports Project

At one point, Virtua Fighter was up there with Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter in terms of fighting games, but that was a long time ago. The last Virtua Fighter game, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, arrived in arcades in 2010 and Xbox 306/PS3 in 2012. Since then, Sega has released a few mobile games, but that was it.

Now Sega is set to bring back Virtua Fighter in a big way. At the Tokyo Game Awards and in celebration of Sega’s 60th anniversary, the Japanese publisher announced the “Virtua Fighter x Esports project.” And we have absolutely no idea what it could mean.

The trailer in the tweet certainly makes it seem like esports will be the main focus here, with lots of shouting fans and champions raising trophies. Then at the end, we see long-time Virtua Fighter frontman Akira Yuki do his best dramatic squirrel impersonation in front of a big screen.

Considering the fact that the last Virtua Fighter arcade box came out a decade ago, it seems almost certain that Sega has a brand new Virtua Fighter game in development. Either that or Sega is going to start remaking a bunch of old arcade machines for an in-house esports tournament, which sounds kinda silly.

Sega told us to “stay tuned for future updates,” so hopefully they’ve got at least one more major announcement to make at TGS.

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