Sega Plans To Grow Persona Into A Global Brand

Sega recently held a meeting between its representatives and investors where the Japanese veteran discussed the games that launched this year and its plans for the future. Among the titles Sega discussed were Lost Judgement, Football Manager 2022, and Sonic Colors: Ultimate. Meanwhile, the latest entry in the company's JRPG series Shin Megami Tensei – which was created by Atlus, a studio which Sega acquired in 2013 – received some special attention.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 has been a success, with its sales being "quite good" – according to the presentation's speaker – and Sega clearly seems pleased with the positive reception the title has received from critics and players alike. According to sales data, the game has sold more than 800,000 copies worldwide, which is very much "quite good" considering the series remains relatively under the radar outside of its native Japan. But it is another of Atlus' series that Sega seems to be wanting to pay even greater attention to (thanks, Game Rant).

Sega is planning to develop the Persona series into something that is recognised worlwide, a name big enough to be reckoned a "global brand". This is just a part of the company's marketing plans and includes other longstanding names such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star Online, Yakuza, and Total War.

Sega's plan for these titles, including Persona, is to grow them into global brands, the specific strategy for which appears to be expanding multiplatform support and the range of languages supported, and having more simultaneous launches for different territories worlwide. Persona was also highlighted for multimedia opportunities, such as animations, live shows, and concerts, and other "touchpoints" beyond video games.

The merchandising and licensing offers Persona gets is a particular strength of the series, Sega noted, and could potentially be expanded. Although the popularity of Persona has room to grow, Sega's representative thought it unlikely that the series could reach the same global scale as Sonic.

Previous entries in the Persona series such as Persona 4: Golden have been ported to PC, or will be heading to multiple platforms such as Persona 4: Arena Remastered. Sega's strategy also involves holding live events inside Phantasy Online 2, which would be a "little similar to Metaverse", so that the company can "reach out to a broader audience going forward".

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