Sega’s Fix For Sonic Frontiers 60fps Doesn’t Work

Sonic Frontiers players on Xbox Series S are still locked at 30fps, despite advertising suggesting they would be able to play at 60fps. This is despite Sega sharing a "fix" with us, which involves capping your console's performance to 1080p.

Since we reported on this workaround we've had a chance to test it out, and have found that limiting the Series S's resolution isn't enough to get Frontiers running at 60fps. Many other players have also discovered this, including the folks over at Digital Foundry who have now tested the game on every available platform.

The issues quickly became apparent after launch, as fans playing on Xbox Series S got their hands on the game. For some reason, they didn't have the same graphical/performance mode options as those on PS5 and Xbox Series X, with the toggle for this removed from Series S version altogether.

When we reported on this, we reached out to Sega for clarification. The company got back to us and said that this was happening because the Series S was defaulting to trying to run the game in 4K. It said that going into TV & Display Options and selecting 1080p would get Frontiers running at 60fps. However, as we and many others have now found out, this doesn't actually work.

Sega hasn't formally said anything else on the matter, but as spotted by Eurogamer, it does seem that help is on the way. Sonic community manager Katie Chrzanowski said on a livestream that "we are looking into" the issues on Series S, and will comment on the matter further once she knows more.

However, if you have a PS5, Xbox Series X or PC handy, you will be able to play Frontiers at a speed befitting the Blue Blur. If you don't, it seems that PS4, Xbox One, and Series S make for decent substitutes. The only version that really seems to be suffering is the Nintendo Switch, with incredibly downgraded visuals and even worse pop-in than other platforms. Overall, it seems best to avoid this version if you can.

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