Self-Proclaimed Top Warzone Player Accidentally Reveals Cheat Engine While Streaming On Twitch

A self-proclaimed Warzone player outed himself as a cheater live on-stream in the most cringe-worthy of ways.

Any Warzone player knows that the game has a cheating problem. Infinity Ward has tried to stem the tide of hackers into Warzone, but they can’t seem to staunch the flow. It’s gotten so bad that even some Twitch affiliates are turning out to be cheaters.

Take MrGolds here. This self-proclaimed “top” Warzone player was so impressed with his own skills that he couldn’t help but brag about it live on stream for a full minute. At least, until he noticed that his aimbot window was also being broadcast.

You’d be a top Warzone player too if you had EngineOwning on your side, a cheating tool that provides all sorts of machine assistance. The first tab provides you with a bunch of aimbot options and even more sub-options like only aiming for the head and only activating when aiming down sights. Besides that are ESP and radar options (wallhacks) and color options that will make opposing players stand out from dull greys and browns of Verdansk.

The best part is how he slowly discovered that his cheat card was showing right in the middle of bragging about how great he is at Warzone. “Have you ever seen anyone playing like me?” MrGolds asks as he peeks over at his stream and finally notices that the jig is up. “Oh my God, man.”

MrGolds account is no longer active, which means he either got banned or deleted his account in shame. Either way, good riddance.

Infinity Ward acknowledged the hacker problem in Warzone last month with a statement saying “more banwaves are coming” and not to “fall for unscrupulous services offering cheats and modifications, these are fraudulent.”

However, these threats and warnings haven’t solved the cheating problem. Bolder steps seem necessary for the continued health of Warzone and so it doesn’t end up like PUBG.

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