Should You Complete The Hugo Sanchez Icon SBC In FIFA 23?

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The latest SBC to be added to FIFA 23 is Hugo Sanchez, the 89-rated mid-Icon card. The card is expensive – as most of the Icon SBCs are – but these SBCs are a guaranteed way to get some of the best players in the game.

This short guide covers how much the Hugo Sanchez SBC will cost you, some simple ways to complete it, and whether the card is worth it. Let's get into it.

How Much Does Sanchez Cost?

Hugo Sanchez is an 89-rated mid-Icon SBC. To complete the SBC you will need:

  • Born Legend – 11 Rare Bronze Players
  • Rising Star – 11 Rare Silver Players
  • Colchoneros – 1 Atletico de Madrid player, 1 TOTW player, overall rating of 83
  • Pentapichichi – 1 Real Madrid player, 1 TOTW player, overall rating of 84
  • League Legend – 1 La Liga Player, overall rating of 86
  • Top-notch – 1 TOTW player, 86 rated squad

This means the card comes in at around 270k at early estimates, although you can make this significantly cheaper if you use fodder from your club. Sanchez is also available for the next 29 days which does give you a bit of room to complete it.

Is The Sanchez SBC Worth It? Should You Complete It?

There's one massive, glaring problem with this SBC. Sanchez' 89-rated card is currently sitting at 250,000 coins on the market. That means the SBC is actually more expensive than just buying the card right from the market. So why would you ever do this SBC? Well, you do get some packs back from completing the segments, and Sanchez will count as a first-owned player for future objectives and game modes.

Other than that, this SBC is clearly not worth it.

For the sake of it though, let's take a look at Sanchez' stats.

  • 90 Pace, with 90 in Sprint Speed
  • 99 Shooting, highlight being 94 volleys
  • Decent dribbling at 88, with 88 in Agility and Balance
  • Poor physicals, cannot be Lengthy
  • 3 star skills, 3 star weak foot

Overall, this card is not exactly meta in FIFA 23.

Icons have changed in FIFA 23 – rather than providing full chemistry to other players, you will need other Mexican players in your team to get a benefit out of using Sanchez. That means this card is even worse than it usually would be.

Player Review

We picked up Sanchez on the market (we're not going to do this SBC, sorry) and played a rivals match in the new season. Sanchez is snappy on the ball, but honestly, the 85-rated Fekir card we're currently rocking in our actual team feels…better. Even though Sanchez has decent dribbling, the 82 composure really lets the card down. We wouldn't recommend this card over some of the basic rare golds, which isn't a good sign for this SBC.

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