Show Your Love For Death Stranding With This Custom PC Case

If you’re a massive fan of Death Stranding and are looking to build a new PC to get the ultimate experience playing it, TSUKUMO has the case for you. A new custom-designed Fractal Define 7 case called “Bridges” will be releasing this fall that echos the look and feel of Hideo Kojima’s wacky walking simulator. Outfitted with the Bridges logo and a fetching color scheme, I’m more surprised it’s not gaudy looking.

The case is said to be able to fit ATX, Micro ATX, and ITX motherboards. You should also be able to fit 360mm GPUs in there, though possibly not more than two of them. If you’re worried about airflow, the top panel can be removed to fit a more breathable option that should give your PC plenty of cooling. It’s a fairly large computer case, though most utterly massive.

There’s no price mentioned for this case, but the regular Define 7’s go for around $150-170 on Amazon. Considering this is a special edition case that will likely only release in Japan, you could maybe expect double the regular price point. If you’re really inclined, you could just recreate the color scheme with some airbrushing and custom stickers.

The cases are said to be very good, though. Maybe you don’t need a specific Death Stranding version of it, but you won’t go wrong if you just have to have more Kojima in your life. Be on the lookout for this unique case when it launches sometime in Fall 2020. Sam Bridges may need to make a special delivery for you.

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