Sifu Streamer Creates Motion Controls To Punch His Way Through The Game

Rudesim, the same Twitch streamer who beat Elden Ring using a Fisher Price baby controller and also beat Dark Souls using morse code, has returned with an even more innovative control system for playing Sifu. Although, we should mention, he hasn’t yet beaten Sifu using said controller.

Rather than using mere button inputs to throw jabs, punches, and kicks, Rudesim’s latest creation (via Eurogamer) are a pair of gloves with motion sensors programmed to provide certain inputs depending on how they move. A single jab throws a light attack, an upward backhand motion performs a parry, and both arms outstretched at the same time denote a heavy attack. Combined with a pair of thumbsticks stitched into the gloves, and Rudesim has everything he needs to beat the snot out of the hundreds of thugs you face in Sifu.

Only it seems that Rudesim might have been defeated not by Sifu’s gangers, but by his own motion controls. Several times during the 30-minute stream he was forced to perform emergency repairs on the motion controls after they started going haywire.

"Much like the game Sifu, I'm getting more experienced the older I get," said Rudesim. "But also like Sifu, the more times this controller dies, the lower its health gets."

Rudesim played Sifu on easy mode, noting that it's notoriously hard even with working controls. Still, the New Zealand-based streamer managed to make decent progress, so perhaps a motion-controlled Sifu playthrough is just around the corner.

Sifu's difficulty options are a recent addition to the game along with advanced training and some new outfits. Coming later this summer, Sifu will receive advanced scoring and gameplay modifiers for even more challenges. No guard, on-hit deaths, and bullet time are all suggested in Sloclap's roadmap, alongside yet more outfits. Then expect more modifiers and a replay editor in the fall, and coming this winter will be a new arena-based game mode and additional outfits and modifiers.

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