Silent Hill Composer Teases New Project To Be Announced This Summer

Seems like every other day brings with it a new rumor about a Silent Hill game. Since the scrapped Kojima-led project back in 2012, it has been looking less and less likely that we will get another entry into the horror franchise. However, a recent interview with composer Akira Yamaoka has re-fueled the rumors that a new Silent Hill game may be heading to our consoles soon.

Yamaoka, who has composed the music for every entry in the Silent Hill franchise, recently gave an interview to the Arabic gaming site Al Hub where he discussed the projects he had worked on. When asked what project was next for the composer, he gave an answer that may offer some hope to Silent Hill fans: “Keeping it in general terms, I think you’ll probably hear something this summer, to be announced, and I think it’s the one you’re hoping to hear about. But we’re keeping it general at this point”.

“The one you’re hoping to hear about” sure does sound like a major clue as to the project he is referencing. Of course, Yamaoka has an extensive career in gaming soundtracks having worked on titles like Contra: Hard Corps and Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 and could be referencing a number of titles that people have been hoping to hear about. Though, with Silent Hill being the series that many recognize the composer for, this mysterious answer will definitely get fans excited.

Yamaoka’s most recent project, Bloober Team’s The Medium, is a solid horror game that takes inspiration from Silent Hill. The reviews for the game have been primarily positive and the team has already covered its development cost in just a few days after release. Clearly, there is still a desire for players to be frightened as they play a video game. Plus, the success that the short-lived P.T. demo saw before the Del Toro and Kojima project was scrapped shows that there is still life to be had for Silent Hill.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed and it looks like we will be waiting until at least the summer, possibly this year’s E3, before we find out what this mysterious new project is.

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