Silent Hill Rumors Are Back (Again) And A Famous Manga Artist Is Behind Them

I’ve taken the L on this rumor too many times to believe it again. Yet the heart never lies, and my heart still wants to believe in a new Silent Hill. So here I am, clown makeup and all, reporting on yet another rumor about a potential resurrection of Kojima’s ill-fated Silent Hills.

No, yeah, we’re doing this again. Bear with me.

As PushSquare reports, noted manga-ka Suehiro Maruo recently toured Konami’s offices. In his Instagram story, Suehiro posted a picture in front of the company’s main building, followed by something that raised sirens in the heads of every Silent Hill fan.

What does all this mean? Honestly, probably nothing. Maruo might be working on something with Konami, saw a memorial to the game, and snapped a pic. As a horror creator, he’s probably also bummed about the project never coming to light.

Or, if you want to get all galaxy brained like me, this could read as a subtle tease. Could Maruo be memorializing Silent Hills as a way of saying that the project’s dead, but the future of Silent Hill is in his hands? If so, that’d be wild – I’m a pretty huge fan of Maruo, but his manga is frequently heinous, sexual, and not fit for normal human consumption. He’d be a bold choice for a risk-averse company like Konami to make.

Personally, as much as this is probably nothing, I’ll sit here salivating at the thought of a Silent Hill with Maruo’s artistry guiding the overall aesthetic. Meanwhile, Konami’s probably going to put out another fucking pachinko machine or something.

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