Sims 4: 10 Reasons To Use Weerbesu’s UI Cheats Extension Mod

Weerbesu's UI Cheats Extension Mod is so subtle that you won’t even notice it’s there. It’s also one of the most powerful mods out there for The Sims 4. When testingcheats did not appear in The Sims 4, many players were unhappy. UI Cheats Extension solves that problem, and this feature alone makes this mod a must-have for many players.

Right-clicking almost anywhere on the UI at the bottom of the screen will open up new functions and cheats. With this tool, you have close to total control over your game, your Sims, and your world. It’s also great for storytelling purposes and fixing glitches and bugs.

10 Needs

To use this option, left-click on a needs bar to set its value to the position you clicked (so, if you click the middle of the hunger bar, that’s how much the bar will fill). Or right-click on a needs bar to set the value manually, by typing in a number between -100 (full red) to 100 (full green). You can also right-click on the Needs icon in the Sims panel to automatically fill that Sims needs — it’s like clicking the Make Happy cheat, but in just one click, and without navigating through the pie menu.

It's worth mentioning that you also don’t need testingcheats enabled for this to work, and you don’t need to press shift before clicking on anything.

9 Money Matters

Another area where UI Cheats Extension makes money management so much easier. Left-click on the money counter to add $1,000 to the household funds immediately. Right-clicking the money counter will allow you to set the household funds specifically. You can also add Galactic Credits, bits, and pieces, here.

This menu gives two options: “Set” and “Add” which makes it highly personalizable. This function is great when Sims move or households split, so household funds can be properly divided. It’s also great for Rags to Riches challenges since you still need some money to move into an empty lot.

8 Simology Stats

The Simology panel shows an active Sim’s traits, lifestyles, and more. With UI Cheats, you can reset anything that already appears here. Change a Sim’s age, fame level, character values, reputation, and the number of influence points all by just right-clicking on the appropriate icons. You can also add attributes that your Sim doesn’t have — like reward traits, which you can right-click to unlock — or remove ones that you don’t like. Add traits and lifestyles by clicking on their green title bars, or right-click on a specific trait or lifestyle to remove it.

7 Discover University Cheats

Discover University is great at emulating just how difficult it is to keep track of things in university. Between classes, organizations, and extracurriculars, it often feels impossible to make real progress in any one area without falling behind in everything else. Fortunately, UI Cheats makes things much, much easier.

Right-clicking on most UI elements will let you manipulate them. For example, right-clicking on a University organization task completes it, and right-clicking on the suspension or probation text in your University panel will remove your Sim from suspension or probation. You can also set University organization rank, GPA, and specific course grades by right-clicking on the respective UI elements.

6 Career Cheats

Similar principles apply to the career cheats. Right-clicking any task (i.e. promotion, daily tasks, or work from home assignments) completes it automatically, and doing the same thing on the reputation or performance bar will bring up a menu where you can set each value at a specific number from -100 to 100.

This also applies to the club and Sim-owned business perks. Right-clicking on your Sim’s job icon, or the green title bar, brings up options to promote or demote Sims, select a level of their current branch, and even change career branches. This last point is especially good since there is no way to change career branches in the vanilla game.

5 Environmental Control

With UI Cheats Extension, you can automatically change the current weather, current season, and current eco footprint, either for the neighborhood or just the lot you’re on. You can also change the in-game time, but it works on a 24-hour system. Since the numbers range from 0 (midnight) to 23 (11:00 PM), you’ll have to know your military enter numbers via military time — to use Weerbesu’s example, 3:00 PM would be “15,” but 3:00 AM would be “3.”

4 Aspirations And Goals

Aspirations in The Sims 4 are pretty flexible, since each one is made up of a number of small goals. But some of these goals are harder to accomplish than others, and some just plain glitch out. Right-clicking on an achievement will unlock it, even if you haven’t actually completed the associated action — for example, you can ‘complete’ “Reach level X in Y skill” without having earned the proper skill level. Although, you could also just right-click on a skill bar to select a level.

This function is great for solving glitches, or also just avoiding tasks that you don’t want to bother with. The same applies to almost any goal or similar function in the game, including event goals and holiday traditions. Right-click on any event goal (for parties, dates, and active careers) or holiday tradition to complete it on the spot.

3 Relationship Adjustments

There are three main things you can change via the Relationships panel: friendship level, romance level, and sentiments. From a Sim’s relationships panel, right-clicking on a Sim’s photo lets you set their mutual relationship values anywhere between -100 to 100.

You can also manipulate sentiments in a similar way; after opening a Sim’s Sim Profile from the Relationships menu, right-click the green sentiments title bar to add one or more sentiments, and right-click on a specific sentiment to either remove it or set its value.

2 Supernatural Settings

Supernatural Sims vary widely in terms of their functionality, so this mod will benefit some supernaturals more than others. For example, there isn’t much to do with mermaids or aliens since they don’t have their own UI elements, but there’s a lot on offer for Spellcasters and Vampires. With a Spellcaster Sim active, right-click on a spell or a potion to unlock it. Plus, for Vampires, Spellcasters, and even celebrities, right-clicking on a perk can either unlock or lock it.

There are in-game ways to reverse the perks you’ve chosen for a given Sim, but they usually require reward points; plus, you don’t get back the points you’ve already spent. This way, you don’t lose any more points if you decide to take your Supernatural (or celebrity) Sims in a different direction.

1 Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous

As it turns out, this mod works outside of Live Mode too. In Create-A-Sim, right-click on the check button — the one used to confirm any changes to your Sim, when you’re ready to exit CAS — to automatically randomize a name, traits, and aspiration for a Sim all at once. When you start a new neighborhood, you’re forced to create a new Sim before you can even select which World to play in.

Being able to randomize all of these functions saves a lot of time, without having to use the Create-A-Story tool. You can also right-click on moodlets to remove them, on any item to add it to your Sim’s inventory, and (with Eco Lifestyle installed) on a currently active Neighborhood Action Plan (NAP) to repeal it immediately.

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