Skydance Games Announces ’40s Marvel Game Featuring Black Panther And Captain America

Uncharted creator Amy Hennig is teaming up with Skydance Media to develop a brand-new Marvel game that has finally been unveiled at today's D23 showcase. It's a WW2 period piece about Black Panther and Captain America fighting back against Hydra, corroborating previous leaks.

The trailer shows off the Eiffel Tower, '40s streets, old-time pistols, a Hydra dossier, and then a scratched-up Captain America shield, setting the stage for a World War game featuring Black Panther and Captain America.

The end of the trailer shows Captain America, Black Panther, Gabriel Jones and Nanali. Captain America is evidently Steve Rogers, while Black Panther is King Azzuri. Gabriel Jones was part of the Howling Commandos. He debuted back in 1963 during Sgt. Fury #1. He even fought Godzilla with Dum Dum Gugan and Jimmy Woo way back when. Nanali meanwhile was Wakanda's queen during World War 2. She first appeared way back in 1993 during Fantastic Four Unlimited #1.

In the comics, Azzuri is hostile to Rogers at first, treating Nazis and American soldiers the same – as hostile invaders. When Captain America first arrives at Wakanda, he finds Nazi troopers' heads pinned on wooden spikes, warding off newcomers, but the two end up fighting side-by-side with Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos against Hydra and Red Skull. And given that this game is set in World War 2, it's very possible we'll see Red Skull surface as the main villain, or at least as a major player.

Interestingly, EA is also rumoured to be working on its own Black Panther game, while Captain America was a main character in Crystal Dynamic's Avengers – it seems Marvel is okay with its characters being used in multiple properties in different ways. We've seen that already with Spider-Man having his own game, cropping up in the aforementioned Avengers, and starring in Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 3 for Nintendo Switch.

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