Skyrim: A Night To Remember Quest Walkthrough

If you’re looking to take a break from crawling through Skyrim’s Draugr-infested dungeons and engage in a night of drinking and debauchery, the quest “A Night to Remember” is for you.

This is a Daedric quest you can unlock at level 14, though it doesn’t seem like a Daedric quest at first. Here’s everything you’ll need to know to complete it with ease.

A Drinking Competition

To start this quest, you’ll need to be level 14, then head to a tavern. In the first tavern you enter after reaching level 14, you’ll find a man named Sam Guevenne.

He’ll offer to give you a staff if you win a drinking contest against him, and he’ll egg you on throughout the process. Once you’ve downed the third one, you’ll pass out and wake up in Markarth’s Temple of Dibella.

The Temple

The Temple will be trashed, and a priestess named Senna will berate you for being a drunkard who made a mess of the place.

She’ll make you clean up, including picking up some assorted items. However, if you have a high enough Speech skill, you can skip this task by persuading Senna. It’s also possible to bribe her if you wish. If you decide to clean up the temple, you’ll find a Giant’s Toe, two bottles of wine, a Hargraven’s Feather, and a note from Sam.

Regardless of whether you clean up, persuade Senna, or bribe her, she’ll tell you that when you came in, you had been blabbering about Rorikstead.


Make your way to Rorikstead and you’ll be confronted by a Redguard named Ennis, who says you took his goat, Gleda, and sold her to a giant named Grok. He’ll basically tell you that you need to retrieve Gleda, or else.

Like with Senna, you can opt to help Ennis with his task, persuade him, or bribe him. Unlike Senna, you can also choose to intimidate Ennis. Pass any of those challenges or retrieve the goat and Ennis will tell you that you left a note with the phrase “after repaying Ysolda in Whiterun.”

Should you choose to retrieve Gleda, you’ll need to be careful. Grok is located south of where you’ll find Ennis, with Gleda nearby. It is possible to sneak up to Gleda, “talk” to her, and get her to follow you without Grok noticing, but this can be difficult.

Grok will not be hostile at first, but will attack when you try to take Gleda. Additionally, your follower may attack him when you’re trying to be sneaky. Try casting Calm on Grok if you have a decent Illusion level and/or the right perks.

Repaying Ysolda

Apparently, you owe money to Ysolda for a wedding ring, which may be confusing to you. It seems you had quite the night last night.

Ysolda tells you that you bought the ring from her on credit, and you haven’t paid. The wedding was called off though, apparently. Ysolda wants the ring back now. You have a few options here: pay her for the ring, which is 2,000 gold out of your pocket, attempt to intimidate or persuade her, or you can agree to go retrieve the ring.

If you succeed at the persuasion, bribe, or intimidation, you can head straight to Morvunskar, where Ysolda tells you the wedding was supposed to be taking place.

However, if you should decide to retrieve the ring, you’ll need to head to Witchmist Grove. Your bride-to-be, it seems, is a Hargraven named Moira. Ask her for the ring back and she’ll assume you’re going to leave her for another woman named Esmerelda, then she’ll attack you. After the fight, grab the ring and return it to Ysolda, who will tell you that you were meant to be attending the wedding at Morvunskar.

The “Wedding”

No matter how you learn that the ceremony is meant to take place at Morvunskar, head there next. Inside this ruined fort is a few hostile mages that you’ll need to deal with. Eventually, you’ll find a glowing orb that transports you to Misty Grove, where you’ll finally find Sam, standing around a table with a few guests.

It turns out that Sam is actually the Daedric Prince Sanguine. He’ll present you with the Daedric Artifact the Sanguine Rose, a powerful staff.

This staff summons a Demora to fight for you for sixty seconds. You can give followers the Sanguine Rose and they’ll be able to successfully use it as well.

After you receive the staff, Sanguine will teleport you back to the tavern where you first met him.

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