Skyrim: All Dunmer Spouses (And How To Marry Them)

One of the best parts about Skyrim is that it’s not just all about fighting, questing, dragon-shouting, and treasure hunting; you can also find love and have a family. Being able to romance and marry characters is a huge draw for many gamers, which explains the continued popularity of games like Stardew Valley, Fire Emblem, and The Sims.

There are plenty of fascinating NPCs in the Skyrim world, but figuring out which ones you can marry can be tricky without help. When it comes to Dark Elves (or Dunmer), there are eight different marriageable characters to choose from, four male and four female. Where can you find them all and how can you win their hearts? Don’t forget to wear your Amulet of Mara!


Starting off with the male Dunmer, Athis is a warrior in the Companions, meaning he resides in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. Players following the main story of Skyrim will encounter Athis quite early on, and he is helpful for those looking to train in the Expert level of one-handed combat (he’ll train up to level 75.) If you want some with passion and fervor, Athis is the warrior for you.

Athis is also a follower and his level goes up to 25, meaning you can take him with you on adventures and give him whatever weapons and armor you want (including a cute flower crown.) In order to marry Athis, the player has to finish the “Glory of the Dead” quest, which is the last in The Companions’ questline. This means you’ll have to join The Companions and become a Werewolf during “The Silver Hand” quest, but when it’s true love, it’s always worth it.

Romlyn Dreth

Maybe the honorable Companions aren’t for you. If you want a bad boy who doesn’t shy away from breaking the rules, then Romlyn Dreth is your elf. Romlyn is a thief who works for (and steals from) Black-briar Meadery, selling smuggled bottles for a profit. He lives along the docks of Riften and is quite proud of his relation to Valen Dreth from Oblivion.

Romlyn can be married after completing “Under the Table,” a quest in which the Dragonborn must smuggle a keg of Black-Briar mead from Riften to the Ivarstead Inn. Certainly not the worst crime committed for love. Be warned: if you choose to move in with Romlyn after marrying him, don’t store your goods in the containers. They respawn every few days.

Sondas Drenim

This kind elf has been in the mining business for over one hundred years, revealing the profession’s complete lack of upward mobility in Skyrim. Sondas is very caring for the residents of the mining camp he resides in, Darkwater Crossing. He usually spends his days in Goldenrock Mine and caring for fellow miner Tormir’s daughter Hrefna when her mother is away.

Upon talking to him, Sondas will mention the dust deeper in the mines is causing breathing problems and coughing fits amongst the miners, for which he usually orders medicine from The White Phial shop in Windhelm. The Dragonborn can pass along an order to the shopkeeper Quintus for medicine, after which Sondas will become marriageable.

Revyn Sadri

Revyn Sadri is a handsome business owner in Windhelm, specifically Sadri’s Used Wares. He prides himself on having 100% legitimate wares, but pressing him on this reveals his anxiety that he purchased a ring stolen from Viola Giordano recently. The Dragonborn must accept the quest and place the ring in Viola’s dresser in her house in order to win Revyn’s favor and be able to marry him. If the Dragonborn tells Viola instead, she’ll report it to the Jarl, making Revyn’s taxes go up and result in him never loving you, much less marrying you.

Revyn has a lot going for him, owning a successful business and being able to train players in Common-level Speech. If you do marry him, you can choose to have him live in one of the many gorgeous houses available to the Dragonborn, instead of the Gray Quarter where discrimination is rampant. After all, your husband deserves the absolute best.


Jenassa is a fan-favorite for female spouses, and for many good reasons. She’s quite the skilled ranger, is a possible follower, and can dual wield weapons. She’s also quite interesting to talk to and has wicked good looks. Jenassa can be found at The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, where she can be hired as a follower for 500 Septims. When with you, she’ll allow any crime you happen to commit.

Jenassa’s level can reach up to 40 and she is classified as a protected NPC, meaning she will enter bleed-out when her health is depleted instead of dying. Hostile enemies will avoid her in this state, making her an excellent fighting companion that won’t kick the bucket during an important fight. The best part? All that’s required for marrying Jenassa is paying the 500 Septims to hire her, upon which she will gladly accept a proposal.

Dravynea the Stoneweaver

An elemental mage located in Kynesgrove, Dravynea spends her days working in Steamscorch mine and her restful hours in the Braidwood Inn. Her main job is keeping the Steamscorch mine at a habitable temperature for the miners. This involves a potion requiring Frost Salts, which she has unfortunately run out of when you first meet her.

Offering to get more for her activates the quest “Dravynea’s Frost Salts,” which only requires one bowl of Frost Salts to complete. To show her gratitude, Dravynea offers expert training in Alteration, as well as her love for a lifetime. Magic and love aren’t so different now, are they?

Avrusa Sarethi

This lovely elf lives on Sarethi farm with her sister, Aduri Sarethi. Both women work on the farm, with Avrusa tending to her impressive Nirnroot garden. As an apothecary, she requires many different ingredients for her practice, and because of her involvement in several quests, she is an Essential NPC and cannot be killed.

Winning Avrusa’s hand and heart will require the Dragonborn to go on a fetch quest, specifically “Smooth Jazbay.” This will have you collecting 20 Jazbay Grapes, which are found only in Eastmarch and aren’t the most common of ingredients. Your dedication to the task, however, sways the heart of this apothecary.

Brelyna Maryon

Brelyna Maryon studies magic at the College of Winterhold, and is skilled in Alteration, Illusion, and Conjuration, among other talents. She can also be recruited as a follower, reaches up to level 30, and is a protected NPC once the quest “Under Saarthal” is unlocked. Coming from the magic-talented House Telvanni, she struggles with self-confidence because failure isn’t an option for her.

After “Under Saarthal” is completed, Brelyna will ask if she can test spells on you to help her practice. Completing the quest (and surviving her spells) allows the Dragonborn to marry her. Brelyna can also become a steward, making her one of the most useful and skilled Dunmer marriage candidates in the game.

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