Skyrim Fans Discuss The Game’s Most Underhated Characters

Skyrim is full of fun and quirky characters, but everyone has that one NPC that winds them up so much that they'll wait until nightfall and stick a glass dagger in them while they're sleeping. Nazeem is the obvious choice, as the man's regular taunt that you don't get to the Cloud District very often is enough to send even the most humble pacifist into a murderous rage.

Annoying gits like Nazeem tend to dominate whenever people talk about the game's most hated characters, but the Skyrim subreddit have been discussing which other irritating windbags have been overlooked and deserve a lot more stick than they actually get. Redditor WolfAndDragonWriter kicks things off with their pick of Erikur, the Thane to the Jarl of Solitude. He's incredibly sexist, sells a woman into slavery, and you might even be thanked by his sister for killing him. Not exactly the best dude out there.

Dragontooth972 goes for a less well-known character, but it's very likely you'll have encountered him at some point. Maul is the righthand man for Riften's controversial figure Maven Black-Briar and definitely isn't the friendliest of people, calling you over to him as soon as you enter the city only to tell you to go away. A very similar character mentioned by FunkyViking6 is Dirge, the bouncer of the Ragged Flagon who threatens you for simply asking him about his name.

GirthyOwls (yes, really) goes for someone who you've undoubtedly encountered many times on your adventures across the region – the owner of Whiterun's general goods store Belethor. He snarky, sarcastic, and even tells you unprompted that he'd sell his own sister if he had one. Not a pleasant man at all, although the main sticking point lots of people seem to have is his patronising phrase "Do come back" that he says that makes you want to immediately turn around and clock him in the jaw.

So next time you boot up Skyrim and go to shank one of these irritating individuals, just know that you've probably made someone on Reddit very proud.

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