Skyrim Mod Completely Restores Winterhold As A Full City

Winterhold is one of the more popular parts of Skyrim to mod as it just feels so danged unfinished. There’s the whole College of Winterhold which some could argue doesn’t provide the full secondary education that players were hoping for. There are quite a few mods to flesh out the College, but very few improve upon the city of Winterhold itself.

What’s strange about Winterhold is that it’s described as a city, but when you arrive, it’s little more than a sleepy town. Skyrim’s lore describes Winterhold as a great city, once even the capital of Skyrim, but it fell into the sea after an event called The Great Collapse. Now all that remains is just a few ruins, some log cabins, and the College of Winterhold.

You’d expect to see some evidence of the major cataclysm that destroyed the city, but there’s really nothing to suggest that a once great city slipped beneath the waves. That’s where The Great City of Winterhold SSE Edition comes in.

This new mod, courtesy of Archinatic, completely reimagines Winterhold as a true city that’s maybe fallen on some hard times. Rather than just some log cabins and the occasional broken pillar, the whole city is a massive ruin with few residents keeping the lights on.

"With this mod I hope to restore some of Winterhold's glory. The aim of this mod is to add immersion to every visit of Winterhold as well as adding a few nooks and crannies to explore. It features custom made architecture and a custom texture to expand upon Winterhold in a lore friendly way," writes Archinatic. "The architecture was designed to bridge the gap between the ancient Nordic architecture of Windhelm and the high medieval sophistication of Solitude."

One warning before you install The Great City of Winterhold SSE Edition. Unfortunately, this mod REQUIRES a new playthrough. Archinatic reports that installing the mod and then using an existing save will just cause everything to break. There's also an extensive list of patches to get The Great City of Winterhold to work nicely with other mods, so check the patch list here.

You can download The Great City of Winterhold SSE Edition now over on Nexus Mods.

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