Skyrim: The Top 10 Sound & Music Mods So Far

Welcome back as we continue on our quest to find the best Mods for Skyrim currently available!  Last time we covered the Top 10 Graphics Mods you can install for unparalleled visual immersion, but today we’re going to be covering the audio side with a collection of Mods that can truly make you feel as if you’re really there.

Mods that are related to sound and music elevate the gaming experience to a whole new level. And when you’re gaming, there’s nothing better than the intense feeling that you actually belong in the universe of the game. Now, there are several aspects that play a major role in transporting the gamer onto the actual game, and sound is probably one of the most important. So, join us as we list the top 10 Sound & Music Mods that can transform Skyrim’s audible experience into something far more advanced than anything vanilla has to offer!


If you’ve played through Skyrim a few times, you’ve doubtlessly grown tired of hearing the same tunes over and over again.  Immersive Music fixes that problem by injecting 16 hours of lore-friendly music into the game to keep your ears tickled.

It includes add-on tracks for outdoor exploration, furious battles or skulking about in those creepy dungeons!  All tracks have been normalized and balanced for proper playback without any inconsistencies, making Immersive Music one of the best audio add-ons you can apply on top of the vanilla game.


If you’re sick and tired of that played out fight music kicking in every time you happen upon so much as a Skeever, you may want to download Silent Combat Music.

This simple mod removes the battle music trigger and keeps Skyrim’s ambient music playing, even when combat is initiated.  Yes, you’ll lose that heads-up, but it does maintain immersion.


This powerful Mod packs in a ton of replacement sound effects that drastically overhaul Skyrim’s foley, voice and magic effects with enhanced versions.  Immersive Sounds Compendium was designed to enhance the impact of the game’s major sound effects with an extra-special focus on realism.

Weapon swings sound proper, magic effects crackle and thunder with extra sizzle, and creature voices are more balanced.  The best part is that it can be installed along with the next Mod on our list for full audio immersion!


Welcome to the granddaddy of Skyrim sound overhaul Mods!  Sounds Of Skyrim – Complete Edition adds a massive amount of sound effects, voices and atmospheric tones to the world of Skyrim.  Dungeons sound both frightening and foreboding, the wilderness comes alive with the sounds of birds, insects, and animals, and towns reverberate with playing children, laughing townsfolk and raindrops hitting the windows.

It’s a beefy mod to be sure, but easily the most immersive audio mod on our list, and highly recommended for your next playthrough.


Special Edition players will want to pick this Mod up, especially if they’re audiophiles at heart.  SSE High-Quality Voices takes the higher quality NPC voices of the PS4 version of Skyrim and adapts it to the PC version by getting rid of Bethesda’s XWM compression.  This eliminates muddy, low-quality voices that have been compressed for the sake of smaller file size while upping their overall volume for a more even delivery.

It includes all voice DLC content as well, making it great for those who want crystal clear conversations with the game’s NPCs.


Let’s face it – Skyrim’s Dragon Shouts didn’t ship with quite the same “oomph!” that we witnessed in the debut game trailer so many years ago.  Thundering Shouts aims to solve this problem by dropping the pitch of the Male and Female Dragon Shouts about 10%, while simultaneously enhancing their thunderous power.

It’s no fun Fus Ro Dah’ing your enemies off the sides of cliffs unless you feel like a Dragonborn in the process, right?


Nothing’s more fun that riding nearly 90 degrees up the side of a mountain on the back of a horse.  Why do it with unrealistic sound effects?  Improved Horse Step Sounds is one of those Mods you think you won’t need, until you install it.

It changes the sound of horse hoof impacts on various types of terrain such as gravel and grass, and integrates seamlessly with any Mod that changes the in-game horses.


If battle is a major focus of your Skyrim experience, you’ll want some good old fashioned sound effects to match.  Improved Combat Sounds affects everything from weapon swings to impacts, wounds and archery effects.

There’s a weight to the sound of each attack which reduces the tinny nature of vanilla effects in favor of more visceral replacements.


Fire in Skyrim is important to the overall atmosphere.  Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or kicking back at the Inn after a long day of dragon-slaying, a crackling fire can soothe the senses.  Illy’s High-Quality Fire Audio is a great sound Mod that intensifies the sound of fire without going overboard.

Crackles are light and balanced, and a minor wind element is added into the sound mix for the greater atmosphere.  All you need are a couple of ghosts (or fish) stories to entertain your companion with!


It’s safe to say you’ll be doing a fair bit of dragon-hunting during your Skyrim playthrough, and with so many encounters to be had, it pays to have a good sound Mod that caters specifically to this beast.

Immersive Dragon Sounds overhauls everything from attacks to wing flapping and breathing to make dragons sound far more menacing!  This adds a lot of impact to Dragon battles, especially when one comes in for a dive attack and you hear the awesome power of its wings soaring past you.

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