Smash Bros. getting Banjo-Kazooie today, Terry Bogard in November, plus more

Nintendo has announced a bunch of new details for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, confirming new fighters and a Banjo-Kazooie release date.

During the company’s Nintendo Direct presentation, it was first revealed Banjo Kazooie will be released for the title on Thursday, 5 September – much sooner than anticipated.

Confirming previous leaks, the fourth DLC character was also confirmed to be Terry Bogard from fighting game series Fatal Fury.

While a precise release date wasn’t given for Terry’s release, they at least gave the window of November 2019 – meaning we should probably expect the fifth DLC character next year.

If you thought that was the end of DLC characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, however, you’re wrong – with Nintendo confirming new fighters are also in development for the title beyond the original season pass.

While they didn’t outline how many characters will be added, it’s possible this could be a second batch of five characters in the vein of another season pass.

That means that even if an Overwatch character isn’t the fifth choice (after a version of the game was announced for the Switch) there’s still a chance for it and other rumoured games, like Minecraft and Doom, to make it into the game eventually.

After the first presentation, Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai went in-depth on the moves of Banjo Kazooie and his stage Spiral Mountain.

The character has a number of familiar attacks seen on other fighters, albeit with notable adjustments. His side B special is invincible charge attack Wonderwing which is similar to Charizard’s side B special, although it only has five uses in one life represented by the feathers on Kazooie.

His up B special is a Shock Spring Pad. Similar to Sonic, you can hit people with the pad if released in mid-air, but you’ll also be able to jump again in mid-air after using it, giving you an extra chance at recovery.

The main B special is an egg firing gun which turns into the Breegul Blaster from Banjo Tooie, allowing you to fire eggs continuously by holding down the button.

The down B special is titled Rear Egg, which shoots a grenade egg from behind and explodes after a short amount of time.

Banjo’s final smash is the The Mighty Jinjonator, which is a god-like Jingo from Banjo Kazooie who wipes out opponents on screen.

For Spiral Mountain, based on the level from the Nintendo 64 title, the stage also rotates when an icon appears on screen, while characters like Gruntilda, Mumbo Jumbo and Bottles pop up in the background.

Bundled in the Version 5.0 update too, Sakurai also confirmed the return of Home Run Contest, along with Mii costumes based on a number of franchises – including Mystical Ninja’s Goemon, Mega Man, Mega Man X, Undertale, and Pokemon.

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