Sniper Elite 5: Liberation Mission Walkthrough

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  • How To Start The Liberation Mission
  • Liberate The Southern Town
  • (Optional) Neutralize Anti-Air Guns
  • (Optional) Kill List: Jaan Trautman
  • Secure A Crossing – Kill Snipers
  • No Half Measures – Defuse Bridge Explosives
  • (Optional) Locate The Radio Operator
  • Liberate The Northern Town
  • Exfiltrate

Sniper Elite 5 features so many new additions to the third-person shooter series, but one of its most notable inclusions is its open-world level design, which allows you to take on optional missions along with your main objective. Each mission features its own massive map, with lots of hidden objectives you can discover.

Liberation is one of the best missions in Sniper Elite 5, because it includes a beautiful landscape, along with lots of fun objectives to experience. Below you'll find a full walkthrough for each objective in the mission.

How To Start The Liberation Mission

To start the Liberation Mission, launch Sniper Elite 5 and select the Campaign option – you'll have the option to pick any mission you have unlocked. As long as you have the Festung Guernsey mission complete, you can play Liberation.

After choosing Liberation as your mission, you can customize the settings in any way you see fit, including changing the difficulty in various ways. If you don't want to fight enemy players, then make sure to turn off the Axis Invasion option, since it allows other players to invade your mission in an attempt to defeat you.


Like every other mission, you'll watch a cutscene and then spawn; this time Karl Fairborne is recovering from a recent plane crash. You'll see a linear path before you that will lead you into the open area upon following it.

Liberate The Southern Town

After following the path north for a short while, you'll come across the main road and lots of foliage that you can use to hide from soldiers. Your first objective is to take control of the southern city, which is very easy if you know how to do it. There's a bridge leading to the town on the left side of the road. You can cross it, but soldiers will probably spot you, and alarms will then start going off.

There are soldiers patrolling both the roads and the houses next to the bridge, so spot each of them walking around using your binoculars. Then use stealth attacks to defeat them before you continue exploring.


Head through the opening in the bushes on the right side of where the bridge starts, straight across from the barn. After walking through the bushes, you can turn left and cross the shallow river to get into the town undetected. Now that you're in the town, you can complete the following three objectives.

First, you should destroy the tank from a distance, so that soldiers can't detect you. You'll find the tank at the edge of the town, near the right side of the bridge. You simply need to shoot the red canisters next to the tank and it will get caught in the explosion. Using a Satchel Charge is also an option, but you'll need to get unnecessarily close to the tank.

Next, the radio needs to go. The radio communications are inside a building on the left-hand side of the bridge. You'll encounter a soldier on the bottom floor of the house's backside, so use a stealth attack to defeat him quickly. Pick up the Crowbar in the right-side room on the second floor of the building.

Now walk up the staircase and enter the room with the door that's already partially open. Defeat the soldier inside using a melee attack, then use your Crowbar to destroy the radio. The Hold The Line intel is also inside this room, and upon collecting it, you'll gain access to an optional objective that has you destroying anti-aircraft weapons.

Your final objective involves killing an enemy sniper. The sniper is inside a tower on the left side of town, far in the back. You can shoot the sniper from afar through the window on the upper level of the building, where he'll be peaking out.

However, if you'd rather kill the sniper from inside the building, enter through the front, then climb up the two ladders. You can throw an explosive up to the third floor to defeat the sniper. Alternatively, you can kill him using a melee attack or weapon after climbing up the ladders. Either way, make sure the sniper is dead before moving on. You can now destroy the anti-aircraft weapons.

(Optional) Neutralize Anti-Air Guns

Each anti-aircraft weapon requires one Satchel Charge to destroy. The anti-aircraft weapons have a small trench surrounding them, which often acts as a useful cover from patrolling soldiers.

The first one is next to the sniper tower, as you see on the map above. There's a soldier in front of its entrance, in addition to another enemy patrolling the nearby northern road. After defeating the enemies, grab the Satchel Charge east of the anti-aircraft weapon, on a table next to the building.

The second anti-aircraft weapon is northwest of the first one, north of the southern town. There's a Satchel Charge in the barn to the west of this anti-aircraft weapon, so pick it up before blowing up the device.

The final anti-aircraft gun is in a field directly east of the southern town. There are two soldiers even further east, next to a collection of barrels. Defeat these two soldiers with a silenced weapon. Now you can pick up the Satchel Charge onto the barrel next to the two dead soldiers, then blow up the anti-aircraft weapon.

Set the Satchel Charge fuse to blow after a long duration, so you have enough time to disappear in case anyone shows up to inspect the explaosion.

(Optional) Kill List: Jaan Trautman

Jaan Trautman is the Kill List target for this level. Travel directly west of the southern city until you come across a gated house. You can enter the mansion through the front entrance on the eastern side, but there are soldiers in the area, so wait until none of them are facing the gate before you sneak through it, either by simply waiting or defeating the guards.

There are also holes in the mansion's fence on other sides, so you can take a less direct approach if you wish.

Immediately walk into the tall grass on the right side of the yard to sneak around to the back door, which will be open. You won't encounter any enemies directly next to this back door unless soldiers detect you, but there are often soldiers patrolling near the building's front entrance, so take caution not to use that door.

Pick up the Poison on a crate next to the right-hand side of the back door you used as an entrance. Then walk up the stairs and notice the door with an outline of a Satchel Charge. Outside the door to this room is a table on the right-hand side. You can interact with the cup on the table to poison it.

Next, ring the bell on the right side of the door and then go hide. Jaan will poison himself by drinking the water, and your job is over. You can also use a Satchel Charge to destroy the door and shoot Jaan with a gun, but poisoning him using the cup is quieter and fulfills the bonus objective. ​​​​​​

Now that you're done here, travel north to the west bridge. You can also travel to the east bridge instead, as you only need to complete one of the next following two objectives to progress. However, the west bridge is closer to your current location.

Secure A Crossing – Kill Snipers

There are three snipers you need to defeat after crossing the west bridge, which is northwest of the southern town. Each of the snipers is inside a different building, but they're all easy to kill from a distance using your sniper rifle.

The first sniper is southeast on the town, and you can kill him by aiming your rifle at the building with the hotel sign, directly inside the windows on the southern side.

The second sniper is at the top of the church, which is in the middle of the town. You can shoot him from a distance for convenience.

The third and final sniper is aiming his rifle inside a window on the west side of this city, inside a building with a partially destroyed roof. You can see a picture of the building below. You can shoot this sniper from an eastern position and he's visible from the church. You can now travel north past this town to get to the final two objectives.

You'll also be able to spot the snipers thanks to the trademark glint from their scopes.

No Half Measures – Defuse Bridge Explosives

This objective is quick. Travel to the eastern bridge and carefully defeat any enemies in the surrounding area using melee attacks or silenced weapons. There's one specific soldier who you'll occasionally find standing directly on the right-hand side of the bridge.

It's possible to avoid combat in the surrounding area altogether if you watch enemy paths and use bottles to lure the soldiers in other directions.

There are two explosives that are going to detonate if you don't defuse them, one per side. Walk into the river and interact with each explosive on the bridge's support beams to save the eastern bridge and complete this objective.

You only have to complete one objective, either Kill Snipers or Diffuse Bridge Explosives. Defusing the explosives is generally easier, but it's up to you to pick which one you want to complete.

(Optional) Locate The Radio Operator

Travel northwest on the map, directly northeast of the western bridge. Before reaching the northern town, you'll come across a crashed plane in the middle of a field.

It's immediately obvious that the pilot is gone, so move east of the plane until you come across trenches, like on the map above. There's one soldier patrolling near a group of logs in front of the trench's entrance, but you can use a melee attack to defeat him or sneak past into the entrance. Enter the trenches and travel to the quest marker in the middle, which is where you will see a door that you need to open.

You can also use a Satchel Charge to open the door if you collected one earlier in the mission.

There are multiple soldiers that walk back and forth throughout the trenches, so hide behind corners and then use melee attacks to defeat them. To the right of the door is a path that you can follow through the trenches. After a short while, you'll come across a crossroad with a few alternative paths, but you need to turn right again.

Next, defeat the officer at the end of this path and search him to find the Bunker Key, which will open the door. The officer patrols near an anti-aircraft weapon, which is how you'll know you encountered the correct enemy.

Return to the door and open it using the Bunker Key or a Satchel Charge. Either way, you can now open the door and interact with a map on the table, completing this side quest. Now travel north of the trenches to the northern town, where your last objective awaits. You can quickly leave the bunker and travel north by taking a left after exiting the trench's door.

Liberate The Northern Town

Depending on which objective you just finished, you may be coming from multiple possible directions. However, there are a few enemies patrolling each of the roads that lead into the town, so approach with caution and prepare to sneak inside one of the buildings for cover.

You'll notice about one soldier per each building's exterior, so carefully defeat them. You can also use your rifle to pick off each enemy before entering the town, although it may be difficult to see every enemy from certain outside positions. After every enemy is dead or incapacitated, travel to the bridge in the middle of the city and interact with the explosive next to the barricade.

Leave the bridge and turn left, which is where you'll see a detonating device that you can interact with in the small courtyard of the right-hand building building. If you didn't defeat every soldier earlier, then there may be an enemy patrolling the outside of this house. Activate the device to blow up the bridge and watch a brief cutscene. A Tiger Tank is about to arrive on the scene, so you need to take it out it quickly.

Enter the building that contained the detonating device. Climb up the ladder, and you can pick up an airstrike weapon called the LP34 Flare Gun, which will create a giant explosion wherever you aim it. Aim the weapon toward the tank through the building's window, then prepare for an explosion.

Not only will the airstrike destroy the tank, but it'll also defeat any stragglers. Use your sniper rifle to defeat any enemies that are still alive from afar, and that's that.


The exfiltration location is across the bridge, right next to the northern city, so you can easily follow your quest marker there after defeating the tank.

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