Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – 10 Most Useful Spells And Spell Scrolls

Based on the popular 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, Solasta: Crown of the Magister is one of the best games available for accurately simulating what it's like to play the tabletop staple. In fact, many of the spells and scrolls you can use in the game are taken straight from 5th edition. From fireballs to raising the dead, Solasta offers many options for magic-users.

However, just like in D&D, not all spells are created equally. Some are ineffective for their cost while others are too niche to be considered outside certain situations. That isn't to say most spells are bad, but magic users should be wary of which spells have a broader range or are just too powerful to pass up.

10 Fireball – Reliable, And Deadly

Fireball is one of the most famous spells in D&D, and for good reason. This third-level spell offers long range, good AoE, and solid damage that can one-shot groups of weaker enemies and provide reliable damage.

While Sorcerers and Wizards are best suited for this spell due to their roles as pure magic users, some variants of warlock, paladin, and cleric are also capable of using it, making it very easy to slot into almost any party composition, just make sure avoid its common pitfalls.

9 Goodberry – Cheap Healing And Food For The Day

Goodberry is a cheap first level spell that provides ten magical berries that restore one hp each. While this feature of the spell may not sound super useful, these berries also provide enough nutrition to avoid using provisions for the day, which is extremely useful on long journeys or during travel.

Without food, your party members eventually become more exhausted until they are unable to long rest, almost assuredly spelling doom for the unprepared. This spell negates that entirely and, while not especially useful in the late game, is a massive asset early on.

8 Identify – Saving Costs On Powerful Artifacts

There are many powerful artifacts in the world of Solasta. Often your party will come across these mysterious weapons, potions, and scrolls while delving into the vast dungeons of the land. In order to discover what these objects do, you typically need to take them to a vendor and pay a fee to identify them.

With this first-level spell, you can do that in the field. This allows you to then immediately use the item if desired, not only saving time and money but also allowing your party to be better prepared for what lies further ahead.

7 Revivify – Niche But Necessary

Revivify is one of those spells that is used sparingly but is too necessary not to keep on at least one party member.

Revivify brings back a recently killed party member from the dead at the cost of an expensive diamond. While not something you want to use often, the spell maintains your most important resource: your party.

6 Healing Word – Cheap, Quick Healing At Range

While only healing for 1d4 + spellcasting modifier, Healing Word is the most versatile heal in the game. With only a first-level spell slot, the user can heal any target in a range of 12 cells. Additionally, Healing Word only requires a bonus action, freeing up the user to use their main action to attack, dash, or do any other important action.

Healing Word is often life-saving for the party as it allows healers to bring back downed party members at range with little impact on their action economy, all with an incredibly cheap spell slot cost.

5 Hypnotic Pattern – Encounter-Winning Save Or Suck

Save or suck spells are common in Solasta. Powerful spells that either do a very powerful effect or do nothing at all. Hypnotic Pattern is one of those, capable of either putting an entire party of enemies to sleep or doing absolutely nothing.

When it works, this spell can all but end encounters as it allows your party to focus fire individual enemies with little to no retaliation from the enemy team. However, at a third-level spell, this can be very high-risk with the potential to offer no payoff at all, making it a risky spell to bring to encounters.

4 Spirit Guardians – Close-Range Crowd Control With Solid Damage

Another third-level spell, Spirit Guardians protects the user with the real guardians that halve the movement of enemies within a 3-cell radius and deal damage to each enemy each turn.

While this is a powerful spell, it does require concentration, forcing you to be careful about taking damage. However, as it does not incur friendly fire, it can still be a powerful spell that not only offers good crowd control but reliable damage as well.

3 Mind Twist – Encounter-Winning Save Or Suck, With Damage

Much like Hypnotic Pattern before it, mind twist is a save or suck. However, unlike Hypnotic Pattern, the spell still inflicts damage regardless of the save, making it inherently more reliable. Additionally, the added effects of losing the save are much more potent. Instead of putting the targets to sleep, they are stunned, rendering them unable to take any actions or reactions under any context. Lastly, the saving throw the enemy must take is Intelligence, rather than Wisdom, which is a much harder save for most creatures to make.

The only downside to this spell is its high spell slot cost, being the only fifth-level spell on this list. Nevertheless, the added benefits of this spell make it well worth it for any party member that can learn it.

2 Conjure Minor Elementals – The Best Meat Shields Spell Slots Can Buy

Simply put, Conjure Minor Elementals summons hardy elementals to harass your foes. While not very powerful in their own right, they create massive chunks of hp for the enemy to chew through. For the most part, the enemy AI prioritizes the summons, freeing up your party members to wail on the distracted foes. Capitalizing on this is a essential to Solasta combat.

Conjure Minor Elementals scales very well into late game, as upcasting it conjures additional summons per level it was upcast. Additionally, these summons can be great for securing areas and repositioning your foes as they can be individually placed freely within the spell range. Overall, this spell is one of the most powerful for its cost, functionally creating new party members with only a single action.

1 Counterspell – The Ultimate Counter To All Magic

Counterspell negates the casting of any other spell at only the cost of a reaction. While incredibly simple, this effect is immensely potent, completely rendering enemy spells pointless.

While it is necessary to invest in a character with good INT to detect what spells are being cast (so you don't waste this on a cantrip), this investiture is well worth it. Counterspell is often the only effective way to stop other spell casters and is the only spell on this list capable of defeating all other spells.

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