Somebody Built A Perfect Version Of Fall Guys In Dreams

Someone has recreated Fall Guys’ See Saw round in Dreams and has come incredibly close to replicating the real thing.

The battle royale genre is the biggest money-spinner in gaming right now. Developers are not only trying to figure out ways to create new versions of BR games but also adding BR modes to already-existing titles. Take Call of Duty, for example. Earlier this year, Infinity Ward introduced the world to Warzone, and it made its already very popular CoD franchise available to more players than ever before.

Last month, Mediatonic added Fall Guys to what is already a pretty saturated BR landscape. However, it offered up a completely fresh take on the genre. Players take control of curious little beans. We say little, apparently, Fall Guys’ beans are actually six feet tall. Players are then tasked with guiding those beans through various rounds inspired by TV shows like Total Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle.

It didn’t take long for others to try and copy the Fall Guys formula, some more literally than others. A fake mobile version of the game emerged just days after Fall Guys officially released. Don’t play it, it’s terrible. One month later, a recreation of Fall Guys’ See Saw round has cropped up. However, this is an homage to the original game and not an attempt to make money off the back of its efforts.

The creation was made by MrWooshie and can be appreciated in all of its glory via the video above. MrWooshie used PS4’s Dreams to recreate the level and as you can see, he has done a pretty incredible job in doing so. Even those who have been playing Fall Guys since launch might be fooled into thinking this is the real thing when watching MrWooshie’s mocked up menu and loading screens.

The differences aren’t that easy to pinpoint, but Fall Guys players will be able to tell that this isn’t the real thing. Anyone who was unsure would have been left shocked come the end of the round. The creation goes off on a tangent as See Saw is invaded by a giant bean. It offers a crown to two smaller beans, but both of them fail to make the jump. MrWooshie has clarified his creation is not playable and was created to show others what Dreams is capable of.

Check out TheGamer’s interview with Fall Guys’ lead game designer Joe Walsh to find out what happens to the beans when they fall of a stage, and what the slime beneath is made of.

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