Someone Perfectly Crafted All The Flower Wreaths From Animal Crossing In Real Life

If there’s one trend I can’t get enough of, it’s people who care to take the time to create stuff from video games in real life. Though I will never have the talent for that, some people out there have impressive skills and attention to detail.

One of these people is a Reddit user, Lallen_J. This person made the full list of flower wreaths from Animal Crossing, but in real life (pictured below). The artist stated that this project took about a month to complete.

Below is a full list of all the flower wreaths the artist covered and their DIY recipe:

  • Blue rose wreath: 10x blue roses
  • Chic cosmos wreath: 10x black cosmos
  • Chic windflower wreath: 10x purple windflowers
  • Cool hyacinth wreath: 3x orange hyacinths, 3x blue hyacinths, 3x pink hyacinths
  • Cool pansy wreath: 10x purple pansies
  • Cool windflower wreath: 3x blue windflowers, 3x pink windflowers, 3x white windflowers
  • Cosmos wreath: 3x yellow cosmos, 3x white cosmos, 3x red cosmos
  • Dark lily wreath: 10x black lilies
  • Dark rose wreath: 3x black roses, 6x purple roses
  • Dark tulip wreath: 10x black tulips
  • Fancy lily wreath: 3x orange lilies, 3x pink lilies, 3x yellow lilies
  • Fancy mum wreath: 3x pink mums, 3x purple mums, 3x red mums
  • Fancy rose wreath: 3x orange roses, 3x pink roses, 3x yellow roses
  • Gold rose wreath: 10x gold roses
  • Hyacinth wreath: 3x white hyacinths, 3x red hyacinths, 3x yellow hyacinths
  • Lily wreath: 3x white lilies, 3x yellow lilies, 3x red lilies
  • Mum wreath: 3x white mums, 3x yellow mums, 3x red mums
  • Natural mum wreath: 10x green mums
  • Pansy wreath: 3x yellow pansies, 3x white pansies, 3x red pansies
  • Pretty cosmos wreath: 3x orange cosmos, 3x pink cosmos, 3x red cosmos
  • Pretty tulip wreath: 3x orange tulips, 3x pink tulips, 3x purple tulips
  • Purple hyacinth wreath: 10x purple hyacinths
  • Rose wreath: 3x red roses, 3x white roses, 3x yellow roses
  • Snazzy pansy wreath: 3x orange pansies, 3x blue pansies, 3x yellow pansies
  • Tulip wreath: 3x red tulips, 3x white tulips, 3x yellow tulips
  • Windflower wreath: 3x red windflowers, 3x white windflowers, 3x orange windflowers

Though the artist didn’t use quite as many flowers as were listed in the recipes, they did manage to get every type in there and created some phenomenal, real Animal Crossing wreaths!

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