Someone Put Breaking Bad’s Walter White And Jesse Pinkman In Mario Kart Wii

There have been a lot of requests by MultiVersus players to put Walter White in the game, pretty much since the launch of its open beta. Whether that'll ever happen remains a mystery, and for now, you'll just have to settle for what it would look like if White and his meth-making protege Jesse Pinkman were in Mario Kart.

It's the mash-up nobody asked for, but now that's here, we're very happy about it. Chiptuner is the creative mind responsible for the mash-up, and it's remarkable how much it looks more like some very unexpected DLC as opposed to a fanmade video. It also includes a Rainbow Road remix put together by FlashMemoryP. The clip has gone pretty viral, racking up more than 11 million views.

Despite the tension that usually comes with driving along any iteration of Rainbow Road, White appears to be having the time of his life at the beginning of the clip. The footage looks like it has been taken from the episode in which White uses some of his hard-earned drug money to buy a Dodge Challenger. The mood changes when he realizes Pinkman is hot on his tail, though.

Pinkman is not having a good time, and he's about to ruin his mentor/father figure's day too courtesy of a blue shell. Somewhat fitting considering the blue product the two of them made together throughout five seasons of Breaking Bad. The blue shell ends White's hopes of winning the race, at which point the clip cuts to a happy Pinkman celebrating on the Mario Kart podium as White flips him the bird.

Despite Breaking Bad's massive success, there has never been a big-budget video game spun from its universe. Show creator Vince Gilligan recently revealed he tried to make that happen, though. Gilligan once pitched a GTA-style Breaking Bad game, but the idea never went anywhere. A VR game based on the show made it a little further down the line, but still never reached a point where it was ready for the public.

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