Sonic Fans Might Have Already Worked Out The Mysterious Trailer Symbol

Just a few days after its reveal, a Sonic fan seems to have figured out what the trailer’s mysterious symbol means. No, it’s not trying to spell “zap”.

During the tease for the next Sonic game, Sonic glows and runs through a forest which leaves a weird pattern in the ground. The trailer leaves us with this, and no indication of how to figure it out. Well, Twitter user 35DISORDER turned the symbol on its side and wrote out “Sonic Rangers” with the two symbols representing part of the game’s name, and it seems to have solved the puzzle. Looking at the image, it matches pretty well with the symbol, as there are even grooves for the other letters to join up.

For those who are unaware what “Sonic Rangers” means, it’s the rumoured name for the next Sonic game, and it’s seeming more and more likely now. One leak from earlier in the year hinted at that name, and the teaser trailer had the name “rangers” found within its code. Oh, and then Sega accidentally leaked it in a press release.

Everyone speculating that the symbol might spell out zap, or represent some sort of alien language will probably be a little disappointed that it’s likely just spelling out the game’s title, but it does line up with all of the leaks so far. There’s always a chance that this theory is wrong, but it makes more sense than just being a random symbol.

What’s particularly funny about this outcome is that, without Sega accidentally revealing the game’s name, this would have been an unsolvable puzzle. To figure out what the symbol means, you need to know in advance that the game’s name is Sonic Rangers, so it would have been incredibly unlikely to have been figured out without that prior knowledge.

In the same Sonic Central presentation, Sega also revealed that Sonic Colors Ultimate will be releasing later this year, and will include some extras from the Sonic movie. Sega will also be releasing Sonic Origins, which will include Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the first time in a decade.

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