Sonic Frontiers Mod Makes Amy Full Playable Ahead Of DLC

After years of sitting on the bench, Amy Rose is finally set to become playable in Sonic Frontiers later this year. However, if you have the game on PC, and are feeling impatient, then you can get a headstart, and play as the pink hedgehog now.

This is thanks to the Amy Frontiers mod from Game Banana user Kanzukiryu, which overhauls Sonic's model, animations, and even his attacks to make it so you're playing through the game as Amy instead. The final result is seamless, giving Amy the full spin-off she deserves, and even changing some of the environments and UI to better suit her aesthetic.

As you can see in the video below, anything to do with Sonic has been replaced. With the Amy Frontiers mod installed, everything from attacks to voice lines has been updated, giving the mod a very professional finish.

Unlike Sonic, Amy runs around with a huge hammer, and she puts it to good use here. With the hammer, she can propel herself in the air the reach greater distances. This replaces Sonic's ability to boost himself in the air, meaning Amy can still do all the platforming required to beat the game. And of course, the hammer will come in very handy during combat, and can even be used in boss battles.

Speaking of boss battles, the mod gives us a new creation entirely: Super Amy. Much like Super Sonic, she takes on this form when she has all seven chaos emeralds, giving her the power to take on Titans. This lets her use all of the abilities that Sonic has access to during boss battles – only now with her hammer to help you out.

It remains to be seen how much detail Sega puts into Amy's design when she's added to Sonic Frontiers in a future update. It's not even known if she'll get unique abilities, as she does with this mod. However, given that she'll be added alongside Knuckles and Tails, it seems that there will be some variety in the way the gang plays.

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