Sonic Frontiers Players Are Getting Stuck For Days On The Pinball Minigame

Sonic Frontiers is going down surprisingly well with fans, especially considering the lukewarm reception to some of its trailers. Opinions are split on a few things, with some loving the open world, and others preferring the Cyber Space levels. However, if there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's that the pinball minigame sucks.

Requiring players to amass 5,000,000 points before they can progress in the story, the pinball machine on Chaos Island has very few fans. Some are even complaining that they have been stuck on the minigame for days, feeling that the score requirement is far too high, especially since it's the only time you'll need to learn the ways of pinball in the game.

"I'm about to explode with this pinball [game]," says Reddit user Marcraft676. "I've been at this for days and I can't get over it. I'm one step away from giving up and just watching the rest of the game on a playthrough."

Many in the replies agree, not particularly fond of the strange minigame.

"It took me a whole hour to go through that I feel pathetic whenever someone says they did it on their second try," says Darstrock1298.

As well as being irritated with the ridiculously high score players have to reach, many are also just finding it boring. Unlike previous games, there are not really any gimmicks here – it's just normal pinball.

Once you start building up multipliers, it gets a lot easier to complete. But in the meantime, it's pretty mind-numbing and even frustrating, especially as it feels like the ball will just fall out of the machine at random, making you lose your progress. It remains to be seen if Sonic Team makes any changes to the minigame as so many players complain about it. In the meantime, don't be afraid to stick something on TV while you try and beat it – you'll need to keep your mind occupied.

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