Sonic Frontiers Speedrunner Beats Game In Under One Hour

Two and a half months on from its launch, a Sonic Frontiers speedrunner has become the first person to complete the game in less than an hour. Cutting it incredibly fine on the one hand as they finished the game with just seven seconds to spare before taking a full hour, although in speedrunning terms seven seconds could be considered an absolute lifetime.

Katie4 is the speedrunner responsible for officially achieving Frontiers' first sub-hour run. You can watch the whole run from start to finish below, and it'll take up less of your day than it would to watch the debut episode of The Last Of Us on HBO. Now topping the Sonic Frontiers speedrunning chart at, you'll see that Katie4 managed to beat the previous record by a full ten seconds.

If you're feeling a little bombarded by numbers, and wondering why Katie4 has two different times attributed to the run below, the chart includes how long the run took with and without loading times included. With the loading times removed, Katie4 officially played the game for less than an hour. That's from when Sonic's feet first hit the Starfall Islands to the moment Super Sonic slays the final boss up in space.

It's also worth noting the speedrun was completed on easy. If someone manages to register a time under an hour on hard, which will probably happen eventually, that would be a new level of impressive for so many reasons. Not only because the game will be more difficult to complete, but also because the final boss includes an additional, very tricky mini-game that isn't present when playing on easy or normal.

One of the go-tos for big fans of a game once they have finished it is to start shaving time off their runs. Thankfully, if speedrunning isn't your thing, there will be plenty more to do in Frontiers throughout 2023. Sega has already confirmed there will be additional story content as well as the chance to play the game as other characters added to Frontiers via DLC later this year.

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