Sonic Origins Launching On All Major Platforms June 23, 2022

Sonic turned 30 in 2021 and Sega did all sorts of things to mark the occasion. However, the blue blur's creators are arguably doing more to mark the hedgehog's 31st birthday as two new Sonic games are coming this year. Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Origins, the latter of which has now been confirmed to be arriving on June 23, 2022, exactly 31 years after the very first Sonic game launched on the Mega Drive.

Sega dropped an all-new trailer for Sonic Origins which you can check out below. The first concrete information about the collection of retro games to be revealed since the game was first announced during a Sonic Central almost a year ago. As well as the release date, the new Origins trailer confirms the collection will be available across all major platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch.

Sonic Origins features four games from the very beginning of Sonic's adventure. Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, and for the first time in ten years, Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Players will have the option of playing those games in Classic or Anniversary mode. Classic offers up the original games as you remember them from the '90s. 16-bit with a limited number of lives. Anniversary mode switches them up to widescreen and affords you the chance to play the games without having to worry about how many lives you have left.

The inclusion of Anniversary mode is presumably why these games are ports rather than emulations, something that was confirmed to be the case by Sega last year. Origins will also give you the chance to mix things up in terms of characters. You will be able to use Knuckles to play through Sonics 1 and 2, even though the echidna wasn't technically introduced to the series until Sonic 3.

On top of everything already mentioned, Origins will take you back to those first few games in an entirely new way through some brand new animations. Some of the new cutscenes can be seen in the trailer above and will allow for an experience many players will have been through countless times before to be seen through fresh eyes. There will also be a Digital Deluxe edition that includes bonuses such as additional hard missions and more music.

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