Sonic the Hedgehog 30th anniversary logo and Sonic encyclopaedia revealed

Sega has unveiled plans for all kinds of tie-in merchandise – from plush toys to an energy drink – but still no hint about new games.

It’s the 30th anniversary of the first Sonic The Hedgehog game next June and Sega are not going to let it pass without celebration.

Many were surprised that there were no new Sonic games to coincide with the recent movie, but it seems Sega were keeping their powder dry for the anniversary next year.

Sega has been talking about a new game since early 2019 but there’s never been any indication of what it is, despite rumours of a Sonic Adventure remake and fan demand for Sonic Mania 2.

Given there haven’t been any leaks that, strangely, makes this one of the most secretive projects currently in development, especially as it’s not clear if there might be multiple games or not.

Sega seems to be taking a similar approach as Nintendo is this year with the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., and so far the only official announcements are of the logo above and various tie-in merchandise.

That includes partnerships with Dark Horse Comics, Funko, Jakks Pacific, and G Fuel that will lead to the likes of a SONIC ENCYCLO-SPEED-IA, Pop! vinyl figures, action figures, plush toys, and Sonic ‘Peach Rings’ energy drinks.

There’s no hint so far as to what the encyclopaedia contains but Dark Horse has already published one for Mario, so presumably it’ll be something along those lines.

There’s also talk of a new clothing line and hopefully some proper news on the movie sequel, which is supposed to be out in 2022.

In terms of new games though there’s still nothing concrete. To the point where younger fans are in danger of growing up without realising Sonic is meant to be a video game hero at all…

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