Sonic The Hedgehog’s movie redesign leaked again and it’s looking pretty good

A higher resolution image of what seems to be Sonic’s new movie design has appeared online and it’s miles better than the original.

The original trailer may have been met with a mixture of disgust and hilarity but it really does seem as if the makers behind the Sonic The Hedgehog movie are listening to fans… assuming these latest leaks are real.

The backlash was so severe that it was decided to delay the movie so Sonic’s look could be completely revamped. And if this newest image is indeed real, it’s certainly an impressive turnaround.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, the image does match up with the previous leaked images of the redesign, that were making the rounds last month.

Although his arms are still blue as opposed to tan like in the games, Sonic’s proportions are much closer to his original look, with a rounder head and less lanky legs and arms. He’s even actually wearing gloves this time, instead of having furry, white hands.

The image was spotted by Twitter user Cybrid101, a member of the YouTube channel Tails’ Channel, which is dedicated entirely to news about Sega’s blue mascot. The lettering over the picture seems to indicate that this is a standee from an AMC Theatre in America.

Fans online have already responded to this image much more warmly, with some expressing renewed excitement over a new trailer. However, there is arguably a debate to be had about whether the fixed design will save the movie or not.

The film doesn’t adapt any of the games’ plots and instead sees Sonic in the real world, trying to escape from being captured by the government and his evil scientist archenemy, Dr Robotnik, who is being played by Jim Carrey.

The film’s new date is February 2020, so Sega and Paramount only have a few months left to confirm if these leaks are real or not.

By Michael Beckwith

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