Sonic’s Quills Are Staying Short In Frontiers, Fans Outraged

It's not easy being a Sonic fan. As if getting dunked on by everyone for sticking by the blue blur wasn't bad enough, there's also the infighting. What's the best game? Should we go back to the Adventure formula? Are the people asking for the Adventure formula actually ruining the entire series? Have all the games sucked since the millennium? Etc, etc.

Now, just in time for the Sonic Frontiers hype train, we have a new civil war to fight in – is Sonic's character model good? Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the Frontier's model looks pretty much identical to the one used in 2017's Sonic Forces, igniting a debate on whether it's any good or not. Points of content range from the length of his quills, to the particular shade of blue he's sporting. Some are even comparing the model to the infamous pre-redesign movie Sonic, invoking one of the worst insults a fan could throw at the character.

Sonic communities on both Twitter and Reddit have been locked in the heated debate for the past two days, with both sides eager for the other one to just stop. One side wants to see a return of the Generations model, with its long quills and dark blue fur. The others are fine with sticking to the Forces look, feeling that the naysayers are letting their feelings about the 2017 release cloud their judgement.

It's hard to tell which side is "winning" here, but from what we can see, an anti-Forces model tweet is the one with the most likes.

Then, you have the fans that are laughing at the whole thing. Most of the discourse on the subreddit is now being drowned out by memes dunking on the entire debate.

Well, being a Sonic fan is never boring at least.

Sonic Frontiers is set to launch holiday 2022, with no specific release date announced yet.

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