Sony Forces PS5 Faceplate Manufacturer To Cease Production And Cancel All Orders

Custom PS5 faceplate manufacturer has been forced by Sony’s lawyers to halt the production of their product and refund all orders.

The website launched last week as and offered unofficial PS5 shells in a variety of colors and patterns for $39.99. After only a day, however, the company was contacted by Sony’s lawyers and told it needed to change the name due to trademark infringement. Speaking to VGC, a representative from the company said that they had hoped the switch to CustomizeMyPlates would keep everyone happy.

Unfortunately, Sony eventually determined that the manufacturing of unofficial shells was against their intellectual property rights entirely. CustomizeMyPlates said, “But then Sony’s lawyers told us it was their opinion, Sony’s intellectual property extended to the faceplates, and that if we continued to sell and distribute them in any country, we would end up in court.”

The company had hoped to ship the faceplates out to customers two weeks ahead of the PS5 launch, but now they have decided to cease production and refund all purchases. The company said they will instead focus on developing other legal console skins and accessories.

Last month’s official PlayStation 5 teardown video demonstrated the way in which the two faceplates can easily snap off from both sides of the console. Sony has not yet revealed any plans for interchangeable shells, but evidently, we’ll need to wait for an unofficial product before any unofficial or third-party brands can sell their own shells.

The PlayStation 5 will be available starting November 12. The release of PS5 accessories like the new DualSense controller, camera, and headset will likely arrive sooner than the console, possibly even as soon as this week. We have our first impressions up for the innovating new DualSense as well as the pre-loaded launch title Astro’s Playroom. If you find yourself with an extra $40 thanks to a canceled faceplate pre-order, you can pick up a full year of PlayStation Plus at half price right now, which will give you access to the PlayStation Plus Collection.

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