Sony has already trademarked PlayStation 6, and PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10

The PS6 and everything that comes after has already been planned for, as Sony prepares for video games in the year 2055 AD.

Not that there really was this time, but there’s not going to be any doubt as to what Sony are calling their next console, because according to Gematsu they’ve already registered the PlayStation name for everything up to number 10.

Assuming seven years between each console, which is the gap between Sony’s last two, the PlayStation 6 will be released sometime around 2027.

The PlayStation 7 will be out 2034, the PlayStation 8 in 2041, the PlayStation 9 in 2048, and the PlayStation 10 in the space year 2055.

An old ad for the PlayStation 2 famously predicted that the PlayStation 9 would look like a weird snow globe type device that you hold in your hand. Although we don’t think Sony are going to be held to that.

Of course, trademarks are all about stopping anyone else from using a name, as much as they are about allowing you to use it, but at this point there doesn’t seem any reason to imagine Sony are going to stop calling their consoles PlayStation.

What is a question though is whether consoles as currently understood will still be relevant in the future. Although streaming won’t be taking over this coming generation it may well have by the time of the PlayStation 6.

The death of consoles has been predicted a number of times before though, and it’s never happened, so we’ll literally just have to wait and see.

For now, the PlayStation 5 is planned to release around this time next year, with Sony expected to release more details in the spring.


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