Sony Has Patented An Esports Betting System

Sony looks poised to break into the gambling industry, as it patents its own “Esports Betting System“. As spotted by Gaming Route, the patent was granted May 13 of this year. Along with the patent, there is a description which reads as follows:

“Odds for various propositions concerning the play of a computer simulation are determined and presented to a viewer for pecuniary or non-pecuniary wagering purposes. The odds may be determined using past game analytics, or may be determined parimutuelly [sic].”

Translated from business jargon, this means that Sony is considering setting up a service in which Esports fans can watch matches, while the same service advertises and hosts a way to bet on the results. “Pecuniary” relates to waging money, so “pecuniary or non-pecuniary” could suggest that the betting will take multiple forms. For example, there could be traditional gambling with real world money, as well as placing bets with in-game items/currency.

It is very likely that this patent will amount of something, considering Sony’s purchase of EVO this March, with an event planned for August.

Sony has not released any official statement on the Esports betting system. It may prove controversial in the current political climate, as the link between video games and gambling becomes ever more debated – between both gamers and legislators. This mostly pertains to loot boxes, which while most countries do not consider a form of gambling, are still causing concern amongst healthcare experts and politicians.

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